Business Ethics: Challenges for a Changing World

How do we cultivate and support companies that are ethically sound?
Expert panelists discuss this question and much more when UNC-TV presents
Business Ethics: Challenges for a Changing World
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Taped on Monday, January 28, 2013, a panel of six experts discussed the topic “Business Ethics: Challenges for a Changing World” before a live audience at the McKimmon Center on the campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh. The discussion was moderated by UNC-TV’s Shannon Vickery, and recorded for broadcast on Sunday, April 7, 2013 on UNC-TV.

The six panelists are:

  • Denis Arnold: 
Surtman Distinguished Scholar in Business Ethics and associate professor of management at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte/ 
Editor in chief, Business Ethics Quarterly
/ Past president, Society for Business Ethics

  • Peter Anderson: 

  • Julie Haack: 
President, Donald Haack Diamonds and Fine Gems

  • Bonnie Hancock
: Executive Director, NC State Poole College of Management's Enterprise Risk Management Initiative, and lecturer in the college's department of accounting

  • Prabhavathi Fernandes
: President and Chief Executive Officer
, Cempra Pharmaceuticals
  • Wayne Faulkner: 
Business reporter
, Wilmington Star News

Business Ethics

The discussion touched on such topics as factors that led to 2008 financial crisis, organizational ethics and more. Shannon Vickery, UNC-TV’s director of production and the moderator for the panel discussion, expressed her hope that the event would benefit attendees and UNC-TV viewers alike, saying, “This is the sort of timely in-depth examination of an important topic that we strive to present to our statewide audience. We deeply appreciate the participation of the panelists and the support and assistance of both the R.P. Holdings Foundation and our colleagues at North Carolina State University.”

The event and television production are being funded by a generous grant from the R.P. Holding Foundation.