Jim Goodmon: Ethics in Business

GoodmonIn 2004, Capitol Broadcasting Company embarked on a four-month journey under CEO Jim Goodmon's direction to help define core values and draft a code of ethics to provide clear guidance in putting those values into practice. The Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University led the Ethics at Work process for CBC, an interactive program proven successful in equipping other local corporations to confront their daily ethical challenges. This Code of Ethics stands as a strong moral compass for everyday decisions at CBC.

Jim Goodmon: Ethics in Business centers on an event spotlighting former NC governor Luther H. Hodges, who was also US Secretary of Commerce, chairman of the Research Triangle Foundation, president of Rotary International, and a life-long promoter of business ethics. The event was crafted in his honor as an opportunity for RTP business leaders to meet annually for the discussion and promotion of ethics in all occupations. This program features the first Luther Hodges Ethics in Business Luncheon hosted by the Research Triangle Foundation and the RTP Rotary Club. The keynote speaker is Capitol Broadcasting Company's president and CEO, Jim Goodmon.