Feed. Read. Believe. Campaign

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Our Mission - To provide PreK and/or Kindergarten Students attending Title I Schools, age appropriate books and meal coupons twice a year; as well as, a Public Story-Time Meet-and-Greet Event once a school year. This effort is to promote, support and address the areas of literacy goals, hunger, parent engagement, and happiness.

Feed - McDonald's Coupon books will be provided twice a year to the PreK and/or Kindergarten Students. Each coupon booklet has 3 meals which include: Bag of Apple Slices, Apple Juice or Milk, Hamburger and Small Vanilla Cone.

Read - Provide new books to each Pre K and/or Kindergarten student twice a year to keep and bring home. The level of the books will differ from the 1st distribution in the beginning of the year, to the 2nd distribution in the 2nd half of the year. The goals will align with the Common Core Standards that support progress expected in the PreK and Kindergarten year. We are promoting and supporting Literacy Goals and Parent Engagement.

Believe - We believe each child should believe in and have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. The Children will Meet-and-Greet Characters, after a Story-Time Event, that believe in the Children's future. The characters provide smiles, happiness, encourage education and inspire imagination.

Goals and Contributions

  • Our Goal - To reach and/or exceed 5000 (combined) PreK and Kindergarten Students in Title I Schools in four identified Counties of North Carolina for the 2013-2014 School Year.
  • Materials - Provide each PreK and/or Kindergarten Student 1 book and 1 meal booklet twice during the calendar school year.
  • Event - A Public Story Time Meet-and-Greet Character Day Event once a year (Betsy, Read-A-Roo, and Ronald McDonald)
  • Partners - Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures, The Richards Advantage McDonald's, UNC-TV

For more information, contact Pol-Ka-Dot Kids Foundation President Venice Clementi by emailing veniceclementi@mac.com.