Born of Dreams--Inspired By Freedom
The Flight Centennial Web site includes timelines and biographies of the Wrights and some of their contemporaries in flight.

Wright Brothers Centennial Exhibit at East Carolina University's Digital Library
Larry Tice refers to several documents that are housed in this exhibit. You can find excerpts from the Wrights' diaries, photos, publications and weather data.

The Wilbur and Orville Wright Papers at the Library of Congress
The online presentation of The Wilbur and Orville Wright Papers at the Library of Congress, comprising about 10,121 library items or approximately 49,084 digital images, documents the lives of Wilbur and Orville Wright and highlights their pioneering work which led to the world's first powered, controlled and sustained flight. Included in the collection are correspondence, diaries and notebooks, scrapbooks, drawings, printed matter, and other documents, as well as the Wrights' collection of glass-plate photographic negatives.

Defying Gravity: Contemporary Art and Flight at the NC Museum of Art
Painting. Sculpture. Photography. Video. Film. A once-in-a-lifetime exhibition in the state where the Wright brothers made their epic flight on December 17, 1903 is at the NC Museum of Art until March 7, 2004.

Inventing Flight for Schools
A multimedia curriculum for middle schoolers that guides students through the science and history behind the Wright Brothers' invention of powered flight.