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The Focus On Series is part of UNC-TV's ongoing commitment to provide coverage of public affairs issues affecting North Carolina. Focus On shows are produced several times each year and take an in-depth look at one issue impacting the people of North Carolina. The shows combine reports from UNC-TV's public affairs staff with a panel discussion. The format allows UNC-TV to draw upon the strengths of its staff, while bringing in the experts on a topic to broaden the debate. The purpose of the Focus On series is to provide a forum where people from across the state can gather to focus on an issue and bring to light all sides of the debate. Topics for Focus On shows include discussions of the higher education bond referendum, foot and mouth disease and air quality issues. The Focus On Series is just one of the many local productions UNC-TV produces examining the state and its people.

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Focus On: Educating Black Boys
In this hour-long discussion, we follow up on the issues faced in POV's American Promise, focusing on what is being done and can be done for families here in North Carolina. This special program, recorded before a live studio audience, features an expert panel, including award-winning filmmaker Joe Brewster of the POV documentary American Promise and host Deborah Holt Noel, explores issues around education, opportunity, race, identity, and parenting in the 21st Century. (Original Broadcast Date: 4/24/2014)

On Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 8PM, we hosted a live online screening and discussion surrounding Focus On: Educating Black Boys using OVEE, new technology that provides a real-time community screening complete with chat and presentation features so viewers can become part of the conversation about public media content like this important program! This online event was free and open to the public with no pre-registration required. To participate, users simply visited this page on April 22, 2014 a few minutes before 8PM to enter the screening, which was hosted by UNC-TV's Deborah Holt Noel! For more information about Focus On: Educating Black Boys, visit the webpage for this production.

Focus on Brains on TrialFocus On: Brains On Trial
Host Alan Alda and a panel of experts from Duke University discuss the two-part PBS series BRAINS ON TRIAL. The discussion will cover the implications of brain research and the role of neuroscience in the courtroom. Learn more about this production by clicking here. And to see an additional web-exclusive Q&A session with the panelists, click here. (Original Broadcast Date: 9/12/2013)

Focus On: Hunger in North Carolina
North Carolina ranks seventh in the nation for the number of older people threatened by hunger. UNC-TV, with production partner AARP, discuss why our state ranks so high and how communities tackle this issue in the provocative discussion. (Original Broadcast Date: 9/27/2012)

Caring for Others in North Carolina
While many people consider it their duty to care for others, they may not appreciate the difficult, exhausting and stressful role of the caregiver. (Original Broadcast Date: 7/19/2004)

The Civil War in North Carolina Part 3
William Harris & Freddie Parker join Laura Edwards, associate professor of history at Duke University, to talk about how women, African Americans and the North Carolina government managed under Reconstruction. The program begins at the end of the Civil War, with North Carolina structurally and economically in ruins. Because more than 40,000 men died in the war, women were forced to learn farm work. (Original Broadcast Date: 9/26/2002)

The Civil War in North Carolina Part 2
Mitchell Lewis invites the panelists to discuss the reaction of African Americans to the outbreak of war, then asks how secession impacted them. The three participants explain behind-the-scenes activities and what the end of the war meant for African Americans. (Original Broadcast Date: 9/25/2002)

The Civil War in North Carolina Part 1
The first part of Focus On... The Civil War begins with a synopsis of North Carolina's social and political characteristics before other southern states seceded and after the first blood was shed on the state's soil. (Original Broadcast Date: 9/23/2002)

North Carolina War Stories
Nine veterans from different military branches share what war looked like from their vantage points. Focus On... North Carolina War Stories reaches beyond general discussion to look at personal experiences. (Original Broadcast Date: 11/12/2001)