Focus On: Brains On Trial

Focus on Brains on Trial

Premiered September 12, 2013 on UNC-TV!

In this edition of Focus On, Focus On Brains on Trial, Alan Alda explores the role of neuroscience as a factor in determining guilt or innocence in the legal system. A companion to the original PBS program Brains on Trial with Alan Alda, this exclusive UNC-TV production was taped on the campus of Duke University. In it, Alda discusses the issues with several faculty members who appear in the program, including law professor Nita Farahany, a member of the Presidential Commission for the study of Bioethical issues. Focus on Brains on Trial and related videos can be seen here.

The Focus On Series is part of UNC-TV's ongoing commitment to provide coverage of public affairs issues affecting North Carolina. Focus On shows are produced several times each year and take an in-depth look at one issue impacting the people of North Carolina. The shows combine reports from UNC-TV's public affairs staff with a panel discussion. The format allows UNC-TV to draw upon the strengths of its staff, while bringing in the experts on a topic to broaden the debate. The purpose of the Focus On series is to provide a forum where people from across the state can gather to focus on an issue and bring to light all sides of the debate. Topics for Focus On shows include discussions of the higher education bond referendum, foot and mouth disease and air quality issues. The Focus On Series is just one of the many local productions UNC-TV produces examining the state and its people.