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As producer and host of North Carolina's popular perennial gardening program, Mike Gray has shared the secrets of master gardeners and horticultural experts for more than three decades.
Mike Gray
Gray has been working in radio and television for over 45 years, beginning his career in Greensboro, NC, as a radio announcer and a television news reporter in Charlotte, NC.

In 1974, Gray began working at North Carolina State University in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Communication Services, where he produced educational videos, coordinated the department’s video team and conducted media relations workshops with faculty, scientists and extension agents. That same year, he became host/producer of Backyard Gardener (UNC-TV's first-ever gardening program, premiering in 1969). In 1981, the name of the show was changed to Almanac Gardener, but the mission remained the same: answering home gardeners' questions and showing viewers the latest advances in North Carolina home horticulture.

During the last 5 years of his career at North Carolina State University, Mike was head of the Department of Communication Services in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Now retired from North Carolina State, Mike is a full-time husband, grandfather and "Almanac gardener."