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UNC-TV’s Get the Math Grant Project
National Community Outreach Initiative

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Background Information

About Get the Math
Building on the success of the award-winning, multimedia project What’s Up In Finance?, Thirteen/WNET developed an innovative and entertaining new educational initiative, Get the Math, designed to help middle and high school students develop algebraic thinking skills for solving real world problems. A segmented reality show for broadcast and Web streaming with convergent interactive web features, the program mandated curriculum standards for the study of Algebra I. Because Algebra I is a graduation requirement in many states, the potential audience for Get the Math is substantial. Visit the Get the Math site.

Get the Math includes the broadcast of a half-hour, segmented reality show that profiles young people with careers in which algebraic thinking plays a key role. Incorporating animation, music and production techniques which appeal to a teen audience, Get the Math helps students taking Algebra I – the gateway course that provides the foundation for learning advanced mathematics – appreciate its importance and usefulness. The program demonstrates how a fashion designer, a video game developer and two musicians use math in their work and includes related math challenges that four teens featured in the series must complete. Get the Math features a dynamic and highly interactive website featuring streaming video segments from the broadcast program, interactive challenges that enable students to take on the same math challenges introduced in the video segments, additional challenges that expand upon the same algebra concepts, a training video for educators and standards-based lesson plans.

The National Community Outreach Initiative
To extend the reach and impact of Get the Math, the LAB@Thirteen, Thirteen’s Educational and Community Outreach Department, is launching an ambitious, community-based education initiative that will:
increase audience awareness of and enthusiasm for the broadcast program and its accompanying resources
help educators engage students in real world applications of oftentimes abstract and complicated algebraic concepts.

Given the reach of public television and the Web, Get the Math has the potential to make a difference in the lives of millions of students and thousands of educators nationwide. In addition to reaching a broad television audience, this program will connect with middle and high school Algebra I teachers and their students.

UNC-TV was one of three nationwide public television stations that was awarded a $5000 Get The Math Implementation Grant. A local project in New York City comprised the fourth outreach site. Each station’s outreach plan included the following components:

Teacher Training Workshops: Each station was required to host a Get the Math training workshop for a minimum of 50 educators from their viewing area between January 4 and April 30, 2011. The workshop featured an overview of the Get the Math broadcast program and website and a hands-on lesson plan demonstration conducted in-person by members of the Get the Math team. Each teacher training workshop had to be a minimum of three hours in length. The goals of the educator workshops were to:

  • build viewership for the series
  • increase educational use of the video and online resources associated with the series
  • inspire educators, parents and students to identify applications of algebra in the real world

TV Broadcast: Stations who received the grant broadcast the show and a 30-second promo at least once.

Promotion: Stations promoted the initiative to as many educators, students and parents as possible through e-blasts, social media sites, station web sites and publications, webinars or other means. Stations provided a link to the Get the Math website on their websites.

Project plans and Strategies: Stations developed their project plans and discussed strategies for maximizing the impact of their local work, and outlined their reporting project timeline.

Click here for workshops offered on February 26, 2011.

The North Carolina Impact: Get The Math Success Story

UNC-TV received a Get The Math Implementation Grant to provide free professional development training to middle and high school math teachers to help educators and even parents engage students in real world applications of oftentimes abstract and complicated algebraic concepts.

From February 26, 2011 to April 30, 2011, UNC-TV in partnership with Fayetteville State University (FSU), offered three high impact workshops, one webinar, one parent session, and two community meetings, successfully training 91 teachers and administrators and 23 parents, impacting 5,776 students. More Get The Math workshops will be offered in Fall 2011.

Get the Math is a production of THIRTEEN in association with WNET and made possible by the Moody's Foundation.