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Episode 1001
Curb Appeal

Add colorful curb appeal to your front yard with a unique, personalized stained glass house number plaque. Today’s tip: how and why you need pattern shears when creating stained glass projects.

Foil Repair 101

Never despair over a broken project again. Learn how to replace and repair broken glass pieces in any copper foil project. Today’s tip: how to hold and use glass cutters.

The Cat’s Meow

Capture your feline’s image in stained glass with this easy lesson. You’ll also learn how to turn this project into a flag for your garden. Today’s tip: techniques to successfully operate glass breaking pliers.

Gazing Balls

Add iridized dragonflies to a glass gazing ball for the most spectacular garden feature in town. Easy stained glass techniques and a little glue are all you need. Today’s tip: glass grozing techniques that will save you time at the grinder.

Silver Jewelry

Take art clay, shape it into any form, fire it in a kiln and create beautiful silver jewelry. Special guest Jackie Truty shares secrets to working with art clay silver. Today’s tip: the 10, 80, 10 clay working theory.

What’s the Buzz?

Make your garden buzz with an adorable beehive mobile and three fat glass bees. Use a glass saw to create uncut-able masterpieces and your own works of art. Today’s tip: mosaic glass cutting techniques.

Work of Art

A few simple glass fusing techniques let you create small works of art worthy of framing. Learn how to create gallery works of art. Today’s tip: the how, what and when of selecting copper foil tapes.

Tropical Heat Wave

Turn any tray into a trendy summer accent piece using pre-cut glass pieces in a colorful, tropical hibiscus floral mosaic design. Today’s tip: soldering iron basics.

A New Twist for Pansies

Capture the beauty of pansies in stained glass. Vicki shares a new framing technique that will encircle this sweet panel with an intriguing twisted lead frame. Today’s tip: lead stretching and cutting techniques.

Quick Fix
Learn how to repair a cracked or missing lead glass panel to look as good as new. Today’s tip: techniques for cementing and polishing lead came windows.

Sun Drenched Flowers

Bring sunshine indoors with a luminous sunflower window. Vicki shows how to capture nature’s beauty by working with brightly colored glass and easy to master techniques. Today’s tip: metal framing techniques.

Painted Beauty
Artist Michael Kitchen shares the centuries-old techniques and materials used to create painted glass windows. Today’s tip: how to use glass grinders to shape your cut glass pieces.

Pop-up Daises

Create a fun field of bright little sun catchers out of small pieces of colored glass to adorn your windows or give as gifts. Today’s tip: how to work with wire to create special effects for your stained glass projects.

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Series 900

901 Building Beveled Windows
If you've had your heart set on a large, beveled glass window, this show is one not to be missed! Vicki will teach how to make a large leaded glass window featuring textured glass and bevels.

902 Basic Glass Fusing Techniques
Vicki teaches the basic fusing techniques in this episode. Viewers will learn how to select supplies, work with the new fusing glasses and create glass coasters and tiles.

903 Beginning Copper Foil Panel
The perfect show for those who want to explore the basics of working in the art of glass.  Vicki teaches basic copper foil techniques as she creates a simple floral panel.  Don't wait to learn this fun hobby.

904 Gold Leafing
Turn plain glassware into one-of-a-kind designer glassware. Vicki teaches traditional gold leafing techniques that allow viewers to create personalized projects without cutting a single piece of glass.

905 Arch Top Window
This is for the glass artist who wants to add a special touch to their arch topped windows. Vicki teaches how to build a stained glass window that has a curved top shape using textured glass, bevels and lead came techniques.

906 Copper Foil Floral Panel
What happens when the teacher shares one of her personal favorite designs? Find out when Vicki teaches you how to build a copper foil floral panel featuring colorful red roses and drapery glass. Included in this episode are tips on how to use a glass saw to cut difficult glass.

907 Glass Slumping Techniques
Every wonder how glass goes from flat to curved creating bowls, vases and more?  Vicki explains and demonstrates this fascinating process to the beginning glass fuser.

908 Beginning Lead Came Panel
Vicki teaches traditional leaded came techniques by creating a tulip-designed window. The perfect episode for beginners or those who might be interested in trying glass as a hobby.

909 Mosaic Cigar Purse With Dragonflys
Working in glass AND getting a fabulous fashion accessory! It's possible in this episode when Vicki teaches how to make a must-have purse. The whimsical dragonflies that decorate the mosaic glass design will enchant all ages. The project also features iridized paint and glass beads.

910 Small Beveled Panel
Vicki shows how using copper foil techniques can result in a beautiful beveled glass window.  Learn how to select stock beveled clusters to create a custom window for your home.

911 Photo Window With Guest Kelly Huskins
Capture your favorite photos in stained glass.  Kelly Huskins shares her unique design talents as she shows you how to transfer a photo to glass and create an attractive stained glass frame or window.

912 Mosaic Table Top
Mai oui! A French-inspired tabletop comes together in this episode when Vicki uses diamonds, black and white to make this coffee table top one you will want to own!

913 Stained Glass Boxes
Go beyond the basics with this beautiful stained glass box design featuring a 3-D flower, leaves and butterfly.

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Series 800

801 Art Deco Window
Don't know how to get started? No problem-Vicki Payne has all the answers! On this season's opening show Vicki shows how to measure for the perfect fit, create your design and build your panels. Then she gives step-by-step instructions for installing them.

802 Fused Glass Mirror
Fusing artist Lisa Vogt joins Vicki in her studio for an afternoon of fusing. One of Lisa's favorite projects, a colorful fused glass mirror, is perfect for advanced fusers and beginners will love all the tips and pro secrets shared on this fun show.

Kiln provided by - Skutt Kilns, www.glasskilns.com; Glass provided by - Coatings by Sandberg - http://www.cbs-dichroic.com

803 King of the Harvest
Vicki offers a new twist on mosaic garden art with a cast stone centerpiece surrounded by beautiful glass art mosaics. They're so unique and make perfect accents for a garden wall or patio focal point.

Glue provided by - Weldbond, http://www.franktross.com/weldbond.asp; Saws by - Gemini Saws, http://www.geminisaw.com/; Stones provided by - The Vinery 608-271-2490

804 Perfect Firing Every Time
Kiln guru Mike Kelly joins Vicki to address all your kiln-related questions. He tells how to maintain, operate and repair glass fusing kilns and answers many of your emails. Whether you own your own kiln or you are thinking about investing in a glass kiln, you will want to see this show.

Kilns by - Evenheat Kilns, 989-856-2281 http://www.evenheat-kiln.com/

805 Love Those Hearts
Make it Valentine's Day all year round with these charming heart-inspired projects. Vicki shows how to work with wire, glass and crystals to turn your heart's desire into a beautiful stained glass accent piece.

Light in Glass Publishing, http://www.deveriewood.com

806 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
This project is certainly fairest of all-a curved mirror accented with rosebuds. Learn how to create this dimensional project using basic techniques and a few tricks on the eye for the perfect addition to a lovely feminine dresser top.

807 It's All Business
Take your hobby to work by creating a specialized stained glass business card holder and matching desk set. Vicki shares tips for designing a variety of hobby-related desk sets that make great gifts and are also big sellers at arts and crafts fairs.

808 A Cut Above
Does cutting art glass cause you anguish?  Vicki shows you how easy it is to make every cut turn out perfect every time.

Saws by - Gemini Saws, http://www.geminisaw.com/; Glass provided by - Coatings by Sandberg - http://www.cbs-dichroic.com

809 O'Christmas Tree
Just in time for the holidays, create your own version of Vicki's fantastic freestanding, three-dimensional Christmas tree. Easily enlarge or reduce this project to adorn your home with the perfect winter wonderland for years to come. And add votives to really light up your holidays.

810 Rose Art
Celebrate the '30s with this antique rose design. Learn how to cut glass, lead up the panel using lead came, solder and cement this intermediate project. You'll love the flowing curves of this gorgeous Art Nouveau-style design.

811 Fused Glass Jewelry
Here's your chance to dress like the rich and famous without spending a fortune-design and create your own fun, fused glass jewelry. Vicki shares tips for designing and cutting out your jewelry, working with Dichroic glass, attaching findings and finishing your custom glass jewelry.

Kilns by - Evenheat Kilns, http://www.evenheat-kiln.com/ 989-856-2281; Glass provided by - Coatings by Sandberg - http://www.cbs-dichroic.com

812 Slide Rule, Please!
Mosaic glass artist Tom Snyder joins Vicki for a mind bending mathematics lesson in mosaics. Once you see Tom's incredible work you'll wonder how he manages to figure out his complex designs. Get your notepads ready for some serious note taking.

Tom Snyder, www.designerglassmosaics.com 704-752-0400

813 Prince of Frogs
Well-known northwestern glass artist and torch worker Josh Mazet joins Vicki in the studio to create the most adorable glass frogs. Take an insider's look into the thrilling world of torch work and design.

Kilns by - Evenheat Kilns, 989-856-2281 http://www.evenheat-kiln.com/; Torch worker - Josh Mazet, www.mazetstudios.com 541.736.3891; Glass provided by - Pegasus Glass, www.pegasus-glass.com

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Series 700

701 Terrarium
Bring the garden indoors with a beautiful Terrarium project using the copper foil technique. Vicki will guide you through glass selection, demonstrate the use of a strip cutter to save time and glass and provide tips on how to assemble a 3 dimensional project with only 2 hands! Jeweled decorator embellishments and planting tips will have your terrarium ready for display in no time.

702 Fused Wind Chimes
Time to fire up the kiln to make this gorgeous Sun Wind Chime using dichroic glass. Vicki will instruct you in the use of the kiln to create exciting new projects for your home and garden.

703 Blast it
Love the look of etched glass but don't like messy acid baths? Then join Vicki while she creates a lead door panel with a sand blasted monogrammed bevel center. Learn step by step how to sand blast a design onto a bevel or piece of glass. She finishes the project using traditional lead assembly and soldering techniques.

704 Wall Mirror
Learn how to create a Floral Wall Mirror to enhance your home. Vicki covers glass selection, pattern and glass cutting, foiling and soldering. She also discusses working with mirrored glass and gives assembly suggestions. Finish it with a little patina and you are ready for a beautiful reflection!

705 Surrounded by Snowflakes
Vicki is surrounded by a flurry of beautiful snowflakes provided by artist Deveree Wood. She will show you how to create your own copper foiled snowflakes using stock bevels, cut glass and glass nuggets. Different patina finishes and soldering techniques will inspire you to create your own designs. No two need be the same!

706 My 1st Project Part I
Always wanted to learn the craft of Stained Glass? Vicki shows you how as she guides you step by step through your first stained glass project. She covers studio safety, tools, pattern preparation and glass cutting techniques.

707 My 1st Project Part II
Vicki continues your 1st project by demonstrating the use of a grinder, how to apply copper foil, soldering instruction and finishing techniques. A project you are sure to be proud of.

708 Hot Glass Stamping with Jayne Persico
Join Vicki in the studio today when long time friend and guest Jayne Persico get together again to fire up the kiln. They explore an exciting new warm glass technique using embossing stamps developed by Jayne. Watch as they create stunning dichroic tiles and bracelets. You won't want to miss this!

709 Stained Glass Designing - Traditional vs. Technology - Michael Wilk
Can't draw a stick figure but would love to create your own designs? Beautiful designs are but a mouse click away when Michael Wilk of Dragonfly Software guides Vicki through design set-up, pattern enlarging and adjustments to the finished design, including glass selection - all on the computer! See your design come to life with this easy to use software. Have a design, but want to change the size? Vicki will show you how using traditional enlarging methods and a project projector.

710 Christmas Ornaments
Are the holidays just around the corner? Now is the perfect time to try your hand at stained glass by creating glass ornaments your family and friends are sure to love. Vicki will show you how to prepare your pattern pieces, cut the glass, and apply copper foil to each piece before soldering your ornament. In no time you will have the perfect personal gift for the holidays!

711 More Blasting - With A Twist Of Wire
Want to spruce up a plain bottle? You can recycle bottles into functional and decorative glassware. Join Vicki as she explores different decorating options - sand blast a beautiful design onto the surface and finish your bottle with wire wrapping techniques. Jewelry designer, Ann Marie Dowd from Cool Beads gives a lesson on stringing beads to create bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

712 Leaded Spring Panel
Leaded glass panels are a perennial favorite with glass artists. Vicki shows you how to build a traditional stained glass window using lead came techniques. She demonstrates pattern preparation, glass cutting, grinding, leading and soldering. Watch as this beautiful panel springs to life.

713 Fancy Fused Dresses
Vicki is at it again! Watch as she creates beautiful fused glass dresses using dichroic glass and the kiln. Vicki also shows you how to display your dresses using framed shadow boxes, a beautiful way to spotlight your glass artwork.

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Series 600

601 Art of Cutting
Vicki shows beginners and advanced glass workers how to cut all types of shapes using traditional hand held glasscutters. She also shares techniques for working with a light box to create more spectacular art glass projects.

602 Production Cutting
Learn to save time in your glass studio by adopting production glass cutting techniques to cut circles and strips. Vicki also shares tips for working with a glass saw.

603 Putting It All Together
Learn how to build stained glass windows using the copper foil assembly technique. This popular method is a favorite with beginners.

604 Get the Lead Out
Leaded glass windows are the foundation for the art glass crafter. Vicki shows you how to build a traditional stained glass window using lead came techniques.

605 Hot Stuff
Want to improve the look of your copper foil projects? Vicki has the answers in this informative lesson on copper foil soldering techniques.

606 Silver Tongue Devil
Every glass project presents unique challenges. Vicki shows you how to master the silver tongue devil with tried and true lead and brass came soldering techniques.

607 All Fired Up
Hot glass fusing artist Jayne Persico joins Vicki for a lesson on how to pull glass canes from a kiln. This is a technique that up until now has only been possible in large glass furnaces. Jayne will also show how to make a bracelet using the cane rods.

608 Outdoor Garden Projects
It's all about the great outdoors on this fun show. Vicki demonstrates how to cut out fireflies using dichroic glass and a glass saw and shows how to make traditional sun catchers for the garden.

609 Brush Up
Painting on glass is one of the most popular techniques studied by today's glass artists. Vicki demonstrates a permanent glass painting method using glass paints and a kiln.

610 Airtight & Waterproof
Learn how to cement windows to make them airtight and waterproof. Vicki also shows you how to make a new window look old by using metal patina.

611 It's That Time Again
Jayne Persico is back in the studio for a lesson on how to make hot glass watch bands. She also demonstrates how to wire wrap and accent your watchbands.

612 Glass Engraving
Ken Brown joins Vicki in the studio to demonstrate glass engraving techniques. Learn how to engrave bottles, tabletops, compacts and more.

613 Dot, Dash & Pearl
Vicki has developed several exciting effects using solder. Learn how to use a variety of these techniques to accent all types of stained glass projects from boxes to panels.

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Series 400

401 - The Catch of the Day
A free hanging stained glass Walleye fish is sure to catch your attention. The perfect project for beginners to advanced glass workers.

402 - You've Been Framed
Well-known woodworker, Bruce Johnson joins Vicki in the studio to demonstrate step-by-step how to reframe an antique window.

404 - Step into the Garden
Decorate your garden with colorful stained glass stepping-stones and etched tin garden ornaments.

404 - It's a Blast
Sandblasted vases and coasters are the focus of this decorative show.

405 - Wired for Light
A simple beginner's panel lamp project is jazzed up with beads and wire techniques.

406 - All Jeweled Up
Looking for the perfect jewelry? Vicki shows you how to take scrap glass, beads and wire to create inventive jewelry.

407 - Cabinet Doors Part I
Vicki takes you step-by-step through the process of designing and assembling a lead came cabinet doors.

408 - Cabinet Doors Part II
Vicki concludes the construction, soldering and cementing techniques used in creating stained glass cabinet doors.

409 - Storm Door Make Over
Using simple techniques Vicki transforms a plain glass storm door into a glass and brass elegant entryway. Plus learn how to make your own candle stands out of scrap glass.

410 - Picture This
Learn how to frame your special memories in glass nugget frames you design and make yourself.

411 - Putting Brush to Glass
Guest Artist, Casey Phillips shares her unique glass and painting techniques.

412 - Blowing in the Wind
Glass, beads, wire and a glass saw turns ordinary art glass into sparkling dragonfly wind chimes. Plus decorate a bathroom cabinet with brass and etching techniques.

413 - Off the Cuff
Hot glass artist, Jayne Persico joins Vicki in the studio to create elegant kiln formed glass bracelets.

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