Good Food, Good Moves: Growing Healthy Children in North Carolina

VegetablesMadison Newberry is an ordinary eleven-year-old girl from Lewisville. When she was nine, she was diagnosed with high cholesterol and her BMI was in the 95th percentile.

Madison isn't alone. According to the North Carolina Nutrition and Physical Activity Surveillance System, one in eight children ages two to four is overweight or obese-and that number doubles by the teen years. Producer Donna Campbell (Something in Common, Ruth & Billy Graham: What Grace Provides) surveys North Carolina's childhood overweight problem, programs and initiatives that are successfully fighting overweight and ways that parents can keep children healthy in Good Food, Good Moves: Growing Healthy Children in North Carolina.

Narrated by HealthWise host Christine Rogers, Good Food, Good Moves surveys several experts in children's fitness and healthy eating, such as Dr. Terry Bravender and Dr. Jennifer Cheng, who explain some of the statistics about North Carolina's epidemic, how we compare to other states and regions, which population groups are at risk of obesity and why. The program delves into not only how to adjust meals at home but also what several schools are doing to rethink their lunch programs.

Madison's parents learned to change what they served for snacks and dinner and also take time to do physical activities with the entire family. Good Food, Good Moves shares many such success stories and leaves viewers with ideas on how to turn their own family into a success story.