NC 5 a Day
The mission of the NC 5 A Day Coalition is to promote better health for all North Carolinians by increasing their fruit and vegetable consumption to 5 or more servings each day. Through programs and promotions in supermarkets, schools, restaurants, cafeterias, worksites, health agencies and community groups, North Carolinians learn that eating 5 or more servings of fruit and vegetables a day can reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.

5 a Day the Color Way
In partnership with Dole Food Company Inc. and Crayola® brand, Produce for Better Health Foundation is offering "There's a Rainbow on My Plate," a free nutrition education curriculum that encourages kindergarten through sixth grade students to develop healthy eating habits. It'sbeing introduced into 12,000 elementary schools and 4,000 participating supermarketsacross the country in March during National Nutrition Month®.

Five a Day LIVE!
Trinity Elementary in Charlotte has used a show from Dole Foods called "Five A Day Live." Music, script and other information are available for teachers (Download).

NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Eat Your Way to 5 a Day
This page on the NC DACS Web site is a colorful reminder to kids to eat fruits and vegetables. It is part of the Ag's Cool Web site that has lessons for teachers and activities for children about North Carolina agriculture.