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  1. A good ol' girl knows that big hair and a big heart do not mean a small mind.
  2. A good ol' girl has been saved...more than once.
  3. A good ol' girl does not know what the natural color of her hair is.
  4. When you tell a good ol' girl you live in a "double-wide," she will never say, "A double-wide what?"
  5. A good ol' girl likes to go to Myrtle Beach with the girls.
  6. You don’t want to cross a good ol' girl. She'll bring you a casserole, but she’ll kill you, too.
  7. A good ol' girl can drive a truck and out-shoot a man, but looks like a million bucks in that little black sequin dress.
  8. A good ol' girl has got a recipe for three-bean salad, chicken lasagna and red velvet cake.
  9. A good ol’ girl loves her daddy.
  10. And she loves her momma, too...but that’s a little more complicated.


Just like it says in the show, a good ol' girl has a recipe for three-bean salad, red velvet cake and chicken lasagna! These recipes were contributed by good ol' girls and are guaranteed delicious!

Three Bean Salad
Lee Smith

Red Velvet Cake
Nina Cheatham

Chicken or Turkey Lasagna
Nina Cheatham

Best Banana Nut Bread
Virginia Reed

Cheese Grits
Lee Smith (Annette Kahn's Recipe)

Lemon Chess Pie
Lee Smith (From Recipes From Chincoteague Island by Gig Smith)

Not Your Mama's Banana Pudding
Bonnie Walker

Pimiento Cheese
Lee Smith (From Gig Smith)

Lee Smith (From Recipes From Chincoteague Island by Gig Smith)

Vegetable Sandwich Spread
Sara Campbell

Vidalia Onion Cornbread
Lee Smith


Good Ol' Girls Opening Song

All I Want Is Everything

Back When We Were Beautiful

Betty's Bein' Bad

Down To My Last Guardian Angel

Good Ol' Girls Finale