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High Point University Presents

High Point University president Nido Qubein interviews the world's most influential people. These interviews are taped live on the campus of HPU as part of the university's Cultural Enrichment Series.

HPU's Cultural Enrichment Series features scores of world-renowned thought-leaders, renowned academics, artists and performers to introduce HPU students to thought provoking ideas in art, literature, science, philosophy and business.

High Point University Presents: Tom Brokaw
"I could not be the man I am today without the boy I was yesterday."
— Tom Brokaw, A Long Way From Home

Nido Qubein and Tom BrokawTom Brokaw, respected journalist and author, has been mostly out of the public eye since his retirement from NBC News. He came to High Point University to have a conversation on stage with Nido Qubein, to talk about his life and the lessons he learned from those experiences. According to High Point University President Nido Qubein, Tom Brokaw is a man who has "contributed immeasurably to the betterment of our world." From humble beginnings with parents born of the Great Depression, Tom Brokaw worked his way up to become an accomplished author, a legendary journalist, and a Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree. (Original Broadcast Date: 05/28/2015)

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High Point University Presents: A Conversation with Ken Dychtwald and Nido Qubein

High Point University Presents: A Conversation with Ken Dychtwald and Nido QubeinIn this special presentation, High Point University President Dr. Nido Qubein talks with Ken Dychtwald, PhD. Known for his insights in the areas of lifestyle, marketing, healthcare and the workforce implications of a growing population, Dr. Dychtwald talked with President Qubein about these issues and more in a special conversation taped on the campus of High Point University. As a gerontologist, psychologist, educator, lecturer, consultant, entrepreneur and foremost expert on aging-related issues, Dychtwald discusses aging populations, how they impact our economy, and the misconceptions in today’s society about the journey of growing older, revealing why retirement isn’t what it used to be. This program is made possible by a partnership with High Point University. (Original Broadcast Date: 01/15/2015)

High Point University Presents: Colin Powell

This program features High Point University president Nido Qubein and Gen. Colin Powell, former secretary of state, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and national security advisor, engaging in an exciting discussion of our nation’s affairs and Gen. Powell’s private charity work for children. (Original Broadcast Date: 08/21/2014)

High Point University Presents: John Maxwell and Nido Qubein

UNC-TV is proud to feature a special program, titled “High Point University Presents A Conversation with John Maxwell and Nido Qubein,” that features High Point University president Nido Qubein and John Maxwell, bestselling author and internationally renowned leadership expert. (Original Broadcast Date: 04/28/2014)

High Point University Presents: Steve Wozniak   

Steve WozniakApple revolutionized the way we communicate, interact, buy music and spend our leisure time. Today, obtaining thousands of songs in your back pocket is a reality thanks to Apple products such as iPods, iPads, Mac Books and iPhones. Get to know Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in this installment of High Point University Presents with Nido Quebein. Responsible for what is described as the best invention to date, the Apple computer, Wozniak talks about himself as a child and how he fell in love with technology. The 57-minute program highlights Wozniak’s point of view on education, detailing how technology is a crucial asset in today’s world. He narrates his friendship with Steve Jobs, which eventually leads them to start Apple. The dynamic duo introduce the first personal computer, which at the time did not exist. This inspirational episode motivates students, educators and entrepreneurs and highlights the importance of progressive thinking. (Original Broadcast Date: 09/15/2013)

High Point University Presents: Seth Godin
“GO. Make something happen.”
— Seth Godin

Seth GodinWith book titles like We Are All Weird, Meatball Sundae and Purple Cow, there is no doubt Seth Godin is not your typical entrepreneur. This best-selling author is known as a marketing guru due to his out-of-the-box approach to marketing sales techniques. In 2013, Godin was inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, one of three chosen for this honor. Godin encourages entrepreneurs to find something remarkable to sell to one key group instead of selling an average product to the masses. During the high-energy and often humorous presentation, with host Nido Quebin, we look into Godin’s journey to becoming a marketing engineer and the most popular business blogger in the world. He encourages entrepreneurs to think progressively with unusual and ingenious ideas. (Original Broadcast Date: 06/20/2013)

High Point University Presents: Entrepreneurship in NC  
“Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”
— Nido Qubein

Entrepreneurship in NCNorth Carolina’s own forward thinking pioneers have found success in everything from social media, fashion, politics, home furnishing and Nascar racing. The most successful people know a thing or two about running and starting a company, just ask any of the five panelist on the latest installment of High Point University Presents. The all-star panel of entrepreneurs, which includes Brian Young, Rachel Weeks, Robert Maricich, Richard Childress and Governor Pat McCrory, and moderator Nido Quebin discuss the themes of perseverance, hitting bumps in the road, and taking risks when launching a business. Each panelist explains their road to success as well as their mistakes. This thought-provoking program gives an in-depth look at entrepreneurship in North Carolina as well as our panelists' successes outside of the state. (Original Broadcast Date: 05/02/2013)

High Point University Presents: Malcolm Gladwell and Nido Qubein

Malcolm GladwellA lively and fascinating conversation between Malcolm Gladwell, one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People and author of four New York Times bestsellers including "The Tipping Point" - which has been a BusinessWeek bestseller since it was published in February 2000, and Dr. Nido Qubein, High Point University president. Recorded live as part of High Point University's Cultural Enrichment series before a live audience on the university campus, Qubein and Gladwell trade fascinating insights on the trends shaping our world.

"High Point University welcomes dozens of thought leaders to campus each year as part of our Cultural Enrichment Series," says Dr. Don Scarborough, vice president for community relations at HPU. "This conversation between Malcolm Gladwell and President Nido Qubein is an impactful program that showcases the minds of two very dynamic individuals. Audiences will be fascinated by their thoughtful discourse." (Original Broadcast Date: 01/12/2012)