Immigration: Recasting the Debate

ImmigrationLearn about the latest trends regarding immigration in the United States and how North Carolina is impacted by the national immigration debate in Immigration Forum: Recasting the Debate. As part of its Voices of Our Time series, Wake Forest University held a three day conference bringing together national and state experts to discuss the wide array of issues regarding immigration and UNC-TV was there to bring it to you.

UNC-TV recorded two of the conference sessions and has produced this one-hour program to give viewers the latest information on immigration from a national and state perspective. For the latest on national trends, viewers hear from Gordon Hanson, professor of economics, University of California, San Diego and author of Why Does Immigration Divide America? and Alejandro Portes, professor of sociology at Princeton University and co-author of Immigrant America: A Portrait. Then, Marisol Jiménez McGee, advocacy director and registered lobbyist for El Pueblo and José Isasi, President and CEO of the Que Pasa Media Network take the stage to share the North Carolina perspective.