John Hart

2009 SeasonJohn Hart

John Hart is the Edgar-Award winning author of two international bestsellers, THE KING OF LIES and DOWN RIVER, and his new novel, THE LAST CHILD. His books have been translated into twenty-six languages and published in over thirty countries. 


Born in Durham, North Carolina, John spent time in Alaska, France and England, but eventually ended up in Rowan County, where his first two novels are set. His favorite memory of childhood there is a five hundred acre farm that has since fallen to the sweeping tide of development. 


John studied French literature at Davidson College, then earned graduate degrees in accounting and law. A “recovering attorney” John has worked as a banker, stockbroker and apprentice helicopter mechanic. He also spent long days sanding teak on the Carolina coast and drawing pints in a London pub. (The pub job was his favorite) His only real dream has been to write well and to be published well—so, with a young daughter and another in the works, John quit his criminal defense practice to take a stab at chasing the dream. He spent most of a year in a carrel at the Rowan County Public Library. THE KING OF LIES was the result.


John’s second novel, DOWN RIVER, was published on October 2, 2007. Like his debut, it made the New York Times extended best seller list, and won the Edgar Award for best mystery novel of 2007. THE LAST CHILD came out on May 12th, 2009.


John used to sail, fly helicopters and play a lot of golf, but those pastimes have fallen by the wayside. A husband and father of two girls (and a yellow lab named “Tom”), John still lives in his native North Carolina, where he writes full-time.