Read-a-roo’s Block Party

Read-a-roo's Block Party!

Join Read-a-roo & all her friends on UNC-KD for her 'Block Party'
Saturdays & Sundays at 8 AM & 4 PM

FEATURED SERIES for October 3, 2015: Read-a-roo's Block Party Stars Clifford ¡En español!!

Did you know that Clifford and his pals could speak Spanish? Come learn Spanish along with T-Bone, Cleo and the rest of the gang! Join Read-a-roo for a special "Clifford ¡En español!" Block Party — Saturday, October 3rd, only on UNC-TV's Kids Channel UNC-KD!

FEATURED SERIES in October 2015: Read-a-roo's Block Party Stars CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG!

COMING SOON in November 2015: Read-a-roo's Block Party Stars CYBERCHASE!

December 2015: 1001 Nights
January 2016: The Odd Squad
February 2016: Bob the Builder
March 2016: Caillou
April 2016: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood