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Legislative Week in Review is in session to provide comprehensive public affairs coverage of the most important issues before the North Carolina's State House and Senate. The weekly public affairs series goes inside legislative committee rooms and into General Assembly hallways to get the latest information on matters that matter to you. Each episode features a wrap-up of the week's activities, in-depth looks at pending legislation, interviews with lawmakers and analysis of the week's events from members of the Capitol Press Corps.

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Recent News

  • Energy Exploration Bill on the Move....to 2015

    So far, the energy exploration debate in North Carolina has focused on activities to occur "years down the road."  Well, we're down that road.  In October 2014, state regulators are to release the rules for drilling and fracking both on-shore and off the coast of North Carolina.  A 1% tax will serve as an initial rate when and if energy companies choose to drill in North Carolina.  In March 2015, state permits could be issued.  A new senate bill will automate the "rules to permits" process.  We'll get five months to read the regulations and companies will be ap

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  • A State of the State Evening in Raleigh

    It was a nice night in Raleigh, from a technical standpoint, as UNC-TV produced and offered the State of the State address live across North Carolina.  I'll stay out of the way of the speech and post here for your consumption.   I'm also including House Democratic Leader Rep. Larry Hall's Democratic response to Governor McCrory's speech.

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  • Bye Bye Paper Textbooks, Hello Tablets?

    Three bills easily sailed through the North Carolina House of Representatives this week.  All three are linked in that they'll gauge, promote and switch public schools away from the "paper model" of textbooks and teaching towards a digital learning environment.  Several representatives are on board, including large amounts of both Democrats and Republicans.  The bills are being "run" or led by Union County (NC) Republican Representative Craig Horn.  He proved to be a great salesman for his legislation, with passed the House without much more scrutiny than a few reminders

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  • A Discussion of School Security in NC

    A couple hundred North Carolinians rallied on the Legislative grounds this week in support of the Second Amendment.  In recent weeks, there has been a push to consider arming school personnel as a defense measure against violent campus attacks.  I was able to grab a quick interview with Paul Vallone, the president of Grassroots NC - a gun rights organization.  I was also able to get an interview with Cumberland County Democratic Representative Rick Glazier.  Discussions about school security change when you interview people of different political persuasions when agree t

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  • Week One Complete of the 2013 NC Legislative Session

    The first week started slowly and ramped up very quickly.  Usually, the first week of a legislative session involves the party leaders calling press conferences to outline a broad political agenda.  It seems the agenda topics are alway the same, regardless of party in power - schools, roads....you can list them as they're generally "kitchen table" issues.   The week's end saw tangible and quick action on a couple of items that, in fact, are kitchen table issues but haven't been discussed in years past because the situation didn't warrant it.

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  • Our Season Debut!

    Check out our 2013 season debut of Legislative Week in Review!  Tax reform (is the state income tax on its way out?), unemployment benefits reform is on the table and Senate GOP leaders say they don't trust the federal government over promises to pay for a Medicaid expansion.

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  • What About Public Education Reform?

    Okay, the idea of the NC General Assembly scrapping the current state tax structure is getting attention, but public education reform is coming if you believe the House and Senate Republican leadership.  Like tax reform, the ideas of how to further change public education, and its funding, are numerous and you can't be sure which proposals will find themselves inside of bills that have a chance of becoming state law.  It's obvious that Republicans run the state of North Carolina, but Republicans have different ideas.  Give parents vouchers so they can use government money to

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  • North Carolina's New Chief Information Officers Discusses Recent State Audit & Challenges It Presents

    At Governor Pat McCrory's first press conference a few weeks ago, the governor mentioned that state computer systems are "broken" or not working.   While in reality state computers must be working but the governor's choice of words and emphasis that Information Technology - or computer systems - are his number one, on-the-job, concern makes a discussion of state computers a huge topic of discussion.  When state leaders say the computer systems (the big ones serving programs like Medicaid and food stamps) aren't working, it's so cryptic because no one, not even the state's com

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  • One Press Conference: Two Perspectives

    After returning from Senate President Pro Tem, Phil Berger's, press conference to reveal the Senate GOP Caucus's agenda, someone said to me, "Hey, it's amazing how two people can hear the same words from the same press conference and yet hear different things."  I'd never thought about it but had booked two interview guests to come to the Legislative Week in Review TV studio - Rob Schofield of NC Policy Watch (they're liberal/progressive - pick your term) and Francis DeLuca, the president of Civitas Institute (Conservative group yet not affiliated with a political party).  Yes, bo

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  • Governor Pat McCrory Calls First Press Conference

    The 2013 North Carolina political season was off and rolling with Governor Pat McCrory's first press conference.  He named Tony Almeida as his Senior Advisor for Jobs and the Economy.  Former state representative Fred Steen, who left office to run for U.S.

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