From Lullabies to Literacy

From Lullabies to Literacy: The Importance of Relationshiplullabies

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Developed by Family Communications, the producers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, this 2-hour workshop focuses on the kinds of experiences that help young children develop a positive attitude about literacy. It offers insight and strategies into emergent literacy in three areas: spoken language, reading, and writing.

The workshop includes segments with Mr. Rogers and Eric Carle and others that demonstrate importance of everyday experiences with young children in stories, fingerplays, art and music for enhancing emergent literacy.

This workshop is about the role of nurturing relationships in encouraging language through lullabies and lap songs, reading and the appreciation of books, and writing.  This new teacher-training workshop helps adults understand how their relationships with children are vital in helping children develop language, appreciate books and reading, and learn to write.

As a result of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the impact of a nurturing relationship on emergent literacy;
  • Be aware of the role of early experiences with spoken languages, print and writing;
  • Learn strategies that connect relationships with developing skills in those three areas.

The overall goal of this interactive workshop is to give caregivers and parents an appreciation of how much they influence emergent literacy when they build a caring, nurturing relationship-and offer ordinary, everyday experiences such as the warmth of lullabies and songs, that can make children want to learn to read and write.

The Ready To Learn Read-View-Do Learning Triangle model is followed.

The Book of Finger Plays & Action Songs (First Steps in Music series)
Compiled by John M. Feierabend

The Mister Rogers' Neighborhood website for online and offline activities

Select and learn new fingerplays with your child

Handouts, a book and pamphlets are distributed.
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