May at Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather MountainTake a “peak” at what is just around the corner after winter, with spectacular scenes capturing spring’s arrival on Grandfather’s peaks from this film by Jim Morton. Jim Morton, son of the late Hugh Morton, created this film by taking his high definition video camera out on Grandfather Mountain each day in the month of May to capture dozens of different species of wildflowers, a great variety of inspiring cloud formations, views of the mountain and views from the mountain. Things captured by Morton's camera range from the tiniest of baby turkey poults to the expanse of the southern mountains reaching to the horizon.

May at Grandfather Mountain opens with a prologue featuring the words and voice of the late Charles Kuralt, whose 1995 book Charles Kuralt's America recommended Grandfather Mountain, NC, as the perfect place to be in May.  What follows the prologue is a videographic adventure in mellowness, as scene by lovely scene the soothing allure of springtime at Grandfather Mountain drifts out of the screen and washes across the senses. 

This homemade production was videographed, written and edited by Morton, whose unique personal relationship with Grandfather Mountain began during his 1950's childhood.  All scenes were recorded in May 2008, and are presented in true chronological order.  Merged with the visual splendor of May on the mountain is a powerful partnership of Morton's rhyme poetry and acoustic music by High Point natives Tim and Danny Carter, who are joined by popular Nashville performers that include Tim O'Brien, Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Jim Hurst, Matt Flinner, Alison Brown and Rob Ickes. 

For a viewing experience that's full of surprises, don't miss a moment of May at Grandfather Mountain.