In the Midst of a Movement

MovementThis four-part television event from North Carolina's own Elon University features eye-opening conversations with journalists who covered the civil rights movement.  The series also features conversations with scholars in race and media, civil rights history and southern culture and offers viewers a deeper understanding of the South, the press and Civil Rights.

In the Midst of a Movement, Part One

Part one features a conversation with host, Blair Kelly, a professor in the history department at North Carolina State University as well as reporters who reported on the Civil Rights movement from an African-American perspective.  Dorothy Butler Gilliam, former reporter with The Washington Post, shares her experience covering the violent integration of Central High in Little Rock.  Moses Newson, who reported for the Tri-State Defender of Memphis, Tennessee relects on reporting major civil rights events in the South.

In the Midst of a Movement, Part Two

Host, Teresa Jo Styles, professor in the department of Journalism and Mass Communications at North Carolina A & T State University, interviews reporter Karl Fleming. Fleming began his reporting career at a small newspaper in Wilson, North Carolina, and went on to become chief civil rights reporter for Newsweek magazine, covering all of the South’s racially- intense areas throughout the 1960s.

In the Midst of a Movement, Part Three

In the third episode, Jerry Mitchell, former reporter for the Clarion Ledger published in Jackson, Mississippi, shares hisjournalistic experiences that ultimately led four Klansmen to jail for the assassination of NAACP leader Medgar Evers. Thomas Terry, a Ph. D. candidate at the University North Carolina Chapel Hill and Medium Historian who focus on civil rights reporting, discusses how investigative reporting led to the arrest of Klansmen in the state of Illinois. Dr. Reed Smith, a Journalist Historian and Professor at the University of Southern Georgia, hosts the discussion.

In the Midst of a Movement, Part Four

In the series finale, Dr. Robert Korstad, Associate Professor of Public Policy Studies and History at Duke University, hosts a panel discussion with former journalists Dorothy Butler Gilliam, Moses Newson, Karl Fleming, Jerry Mitchell, Thomas Terry, and Tom Gaither, an activist who worked with CORE during the Civil Rights Movement.  Dr. Robert Korstad encourages the panelists to share their behind-the-scenes civil rights experiences that went unreported by major media outlets during the movement.