North Carolina Giving

North Carolina Giving

North Carolina Giving:
Philanthropy Across Cultures & Communities

North Carolina Giving: Philanthropy Across Cultures & Communities, with an introduction from William C. Friday and narrated by Ambassador James A. Joseph, travels across North Carolina uncovering stories of ordinary people changing lives in extraordinary ways.

Philanthropy is a word traditionally applied to people and organizations of great wealth, those who support good works through donations of money. Philanthropy can also be used to describe contributions made by volunteers who give generously of their time and talent for the improvement of their communities.

This hour-long documentary explores diverse groups, organizations and individuals across North Carolina who volunteer their time, talents and treasure to meet community needs. These stories offer glimpses into the cultural, historical, social and religious influences that inform giving among the many peoples and traditions represented in North Carolina.

Watch as people from all walks of life—people like your neighbors and viewers like you—live Margaret Mead's famous quote: "Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world."

This special broadcast features 13 stories from a variety of North Carolina communities, from the Mountains, through the Piedmont and down to the Sandhills and Coastal Plains.

"These stories of giving are representative of how North Carolinians are generous in their support of each other, through both the good times and the bad times," said Donna Chavis, NCGives' executive director. "And though we actually began this project before the economic downturn, these stories may now resonate with North Carolinians even more."

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Funders & Producers
These and other stories make up the North Carolina Giving Documentary Project, commissioned by NCGives to recognize and celebrate the diverse giving practices found throughout the state. Funded by the Raleigh-based statewide non-profit organization NCGives, and produced by Donna Campbell and Georgann Eubanks, of Minnow Media in Carrboro, this warm and winning documentary also features a rousing soundtrack as well as useful resources for creating solutions in your area.