North Carolina's Local Catch

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Seafood lovers, locavores and those interested in economic development will all find something of interest in UNC-TV's original production North Carolina's Local Catch. For more than 400 years, logocommercial anglers have buoyed our coastal heritage and economy, supplying quality seafood locally and around the world. They still bring quality and value to the table, but face new challenges in today's global environment. Producer Rick Sullivan searches for seafood caught in our state's beautiful coastal waters and delivered to local restaurants and fish houses daily. In partnership with North Carolina Sea Grant, North Carolina's Local Catch highlights consumers' seafood options and encourage you to ask where seafood is from, even at the coast.

"I had an adventure into my own state. Until filming this piece, I thought I knew all I needed to know about the fish I put on my plate," notes producer Rick Sullivan, who chronicles various species from harvest to dealers, markets and restaurants, even to his own kitchen. Sullivan offers insight into the communities that supply an increasing demand for local seafood. Chefs and market owners offer tips to identify the freshest selections.

Connie Mason, president of Carteret Catch, expects viewers will have new a perspective when they head to the coast or to a restaurant. "The mission of the Catch groups in North Carolina is to educate the public to ask for local seafood, to direct them to local sources including restaurants, local fish dealers and the fishermen themselves. This will keep our coastal heritage alive and vibrant and our people healthier," she says. This program was funded by the N.C. Fishery Resource Grant Program, which is administered by North Carolina Sea Grant.


Made possible through partnership with North Carolina Sea Grant.

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