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Watch North Carolina's Local Catch Following the fish from the sea to the supper table, producer Rick Sullivan documents what it takes for North Carolina's fishermen and fish dealers to preserve and deliver quality loc0l seafood to consumers.

Watch North Carolina's Local Catch: Oysters  When the weather turns cooler in the small fishing community of Varnamtown the local fishermen turn their attention from shrimp to oysters. In 2010 Oysters ranked number 4 in the top seafood money makers, bringing in over five million dollars. Producer Rick Sullivan introduces us to two oyster harvesters and takes us to a good ol' fashion oyster roast.

Interview with Bud Gruninger, Executive Chef at Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe in Manteo -- Bud Gruninger  hand picks the fish he serves and talks about how consumers can choose the "best fish".

Interview with Bradley Styron, Cedar Island Fish Dealer  -- Bradley Styron talks about the care and treatment of fresh fish once they are caught. How are they handled? What obstacles are fish dealers and fisherman facing in North Carolina?