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North Carolina NOW Broadcast Schedule
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Monday, September 28th

  • NORTH CAROLINA NOW SPECIAL: USS GRAVELY — Jeff Smith tours the U.S. Navy's newest guided missile destroyer, the USS Gravely. The ship was commissioned in Wilmington in November 2010. It is named in honor of Vice Admiral Samuel Gravely, the first African-American admiral in the Navy. Jeff learns about the destroyer's advanced weaponry and capabilities as well as the pride of the Naval officers who serve on the vessel.

Tuesday, September 29th

  • NORTH CAROLINA NOW SPECIAL: SMALL BUSINESSES — North Carolina NOW takes a look at the ingenuity of small entrepreneurs to make a large impact on business in the Tar Heel State and beyond.
  • Baltz Pens — Heather Burgiss meets with Bart Creasman and Cass Baltz the creators and craftsmen of Baltz Fine Writing Instruments, a Raleigh company specializing in hand crafted wood pens. (Wake Co.)
  • Miss Jenny's Pickles — Stephanie Bourland introduces us to two women who were laid off from the financial industry and now grow and process pickles that are sold throughout the country and abroad. (Forsyth Co.)
  • Wayco Ham Company — Kelly McCullen takes us on a tour of Wayco Ham Company in Goldsboro where country hams are produced with an old fashioned taste using new tech practices. (Wayne Co.)
  • I Must Garden — David Huppert profiles Master Gardener Marilyn Cox and her company, "I Must Garden," which sells organic animal and insect natural repellents for your yard. (Orange Co.)
  • Carolina Distillery — Kelly McCullen stops by Carolina Distillery in Lenoir to check out the Carriage House line of apple and strawberry brandy. (Caldwell Co.)

Wednesday, September 30th

  • North Carolina Science NOW: Art in a New Wavelength — In this week's edition of Science NOW, Frank Graff discovers an interesting use for the laser beam—not for "Star Wars" but for "artwork." The laser can be used to not only restore and preserve works of art but also determine if an art piece is phony. (Wake and Durham Counties)
  • Macro Photographer — R​ecently a photographer, ­a student at Duke University, was in the running for world­wide honors as environmental photographer of the year. The awards were hosted by London’s Royal Geographical Society. Our Carol Jackson has the story of how this young pho­tographer makes the invisible visible. (Durham Co.)
  • Terra Vita Festival — Bob Garner gives us an advanced look at the upcoming Terra Vita festival. From October 8th through the 10th, Chapel Hill will—for the sixth straight year—host a three-day festival celebrating excellence and sustainability in food and drink. The event connects food enthusiasts at all levels with top chefs, food artisans, wine makers and brewing experts, authors and many others. (Orange Co.)
  • Newsmaker: Taylor Coughlin/Director of Special Events, International Bluegrass Music Association — Ms. Coughlin will join us to give us a preview of the upcoming World of Bluegrass festival. World of Bluegrass is the annual bluegrass music homecoming, a multifaceted industry event and festival with hundreds of offerings for every bluegrass professional and fan. The 2015 dates are September 29th through October 3rd for year three in the host city of Raleigh, NC. World of bluegrass provides the unmatched opportunity for expanding professional networks, learning the latest in industry best practices, and discovering new bluegrass music.

Thursday, October 1st

  • Quilt of Valor — David Hains brings us the story and mission behind the Quilts of Valor Foundation which is to cover military service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor. (Mecklenburg Co.)
  • Newsmaker: Grant Goings/City Manager of Wilson, InnovateNC — The Institute for Emerging Issues at NC State University partnered with a powerful group of public, private and nonprofit entities to launch InnovateNC: A Cross-City Learning Collaborative. This first of its kind economic development initiative was created to help spark innovation across the state and will focus on five cities—Greensboro, Asheville, Pembroke, Wilson and Wilmington. They will partner with several groups over the next two years to help boost innovation and jobs. Mr. Goings joins us to talk about his plans to build on local assets including the community-owned Greenlight Gigabit Network.
  • Excerpt—School Sleuth: Case of the Wired Classroom — In this program, veteran PBS Newshour Education Correspondent John Merrow—AKA the School Sleuth—is determined to get to the bottom of another classroom caper. The Peabody Award winning character, last seen in 2001’s The Case of an Excellent School, is a hard-boiled detective who investigates schools, searching for the best and exposing the worst. This time he’s hired to find out how technology is used—and misused—in education. To solve the case, the sleuth goes inside schools around the country to uncover what happens when schools get wired.
  • John Merrow/PBS NewsHour Educational Correspondent/President, Learning Matters and Michelle Burrows, Director, A+Schools Program and North Carolina Arts Council — Dr. Merrow and Ms. Burrows will join us to talk about the 20th anniversary of the A+ Schools Program. Almost a half million public school students in North Carolina have learned math, science, geography and language with direct classroom experiences in the arts through the A+ Schools Program, celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer. The A+ Schools Program, nationally recognized for its success in student achievement, is the longest running and most successful arts-based school reform program in the country. A+ Schools use the arts as a catalyst for creating connections and making schools engaging, meaningful and enjoyable places to teach and learn.

Friday, October 2nd

  • NORTH CAROLINA NOW & THEN: 2002 — Shannon Vickery and Mitchell Lewis host the special "North Carolina NOW & Then" that highlights some of the best stories that have aired on North Carolina NOW during its 20 year history from 1994 to 2014. This week's episode focuses on year nine—2002.