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NC NOW Broadcast Schedule
(Subject to Change)

Thursday, February 23 at 8 PM

NC Now is taking a look back at some of our favorite stories from the past year. 

  • Montagnard Dega Weavers — After immigrating from Vietnam, the Montagnard continue to practice their traditional weaving as they strive to protect, preserve and promote their heritage. (Guilford Co.)
  • Dough Bowl Maker — JP Madren uses traditional techniques to craft beautiful, hand-carved wooden bowls. (Rockingham Co.)
  • Blacksmith — Jerry Darnell’s handiwork has been featured in movies and television shows, but he is committed to practicing his craft in North Carolina. (Randolph Co.)
  • Turtle Island Preserve — Eustace Conway shares his knowledge and passion for a simpler life at his non-profit education center—Turtle Island Preserve. (Watauga Co.)
  • Pioneer Woman — April McKinney also aims to preserve and promote the simple life, following in the footsteps of her forbears living off the land on her own small farm. (Caswell Co.)