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North Carolina NOW Broadcast Schedule
(Subject to Change)

Monday, November 23rd

  • NORTH CAROLINA NOW SPECIAL: COFFEE BARISTAS — In this special Kelly McCullen takes a look at our state's coffee culture. He talks with Larry Larson of Larry's Beans, checks out a "coffee cupping" where customers sample the products in a manner similar to a wine tasting, attends a barista throw down to see some amazing coffee art, meets barista Andrew Brash and takes in a "pour over" demonstration as he learns how NC is brewing up big business with coffee. (Wake Co.)

Tuesday, November 24th 

  • NORTH CAROLINA NOW SPECIAL: SWEET POTATOES — As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving holiday, tonight's special will focus on this holiday meal favorite. Kelly McCullen travels to eastern North Carolina near the town of Snowy Hill to explore how farmers in that region are growing one of our state's biggest crops. Tarheel grown sweet potatoes, that are being used in products around the world, reflect both modern agribusiness growth and traditional farming. (Greene Co.)

Wednesday, November 25th

  • North Carolina Science Now: Super Fruit Science (R) — Frank Graff continues his series by exploring benefits of blueberries, a super fruit packed with antioxidants, vitamins and other great nutrients. While scientists at the NC Research Campus are gaining new insights about the healthy components of blueberries, other researchers are working to develop a super plant that could further boost North Carolina's already healthy blueberry industry. (Rowan and Cabarrus counties)
  • Light Rolls — Bob Garner highlights North Carolina’s most common homemade breads—biscuits and cornbread. But one part of one eastern county has an entirely different tradition when it comes to bread. Bob explains this geographic and culinary oddity. (Carteret Co.)
  • Lemon Pie — Bob Garner gives us a little history behind down east lemon milk pie and shares the theory that led to the popularity of this particular dessert among many generations of residents and visitors to the Crystal Coast area—especially the remote areas of eastern Carteret County.
  • Hatteras Clam Chowder — Bob Garner goes behind the recipe of our state's most traditional type of clam chowder—“Hatteras-style," which is characterized by a clear broth and an authoritative flavor of clam juice. He'll also share some expert tips on how to prepare this coastal favorite. (Dare Co.)
  • Bookwatch Short: Bridgette Lacy — Author Bridgette Lacy talks about the traditional “Sunday Dinner” (the title of her newest book) and how it is much like large holiday dinner traditions. Ms. Lacy also serves up some ideas on what recipes she would include in these types of meals.

Thursday, November 26th

      **OUR STATE will air in the 7:30PM timeslot on Thursdays for the entire month.

Friday, November 27th
  • NORTH CAROLINA NOW & THEN: 2010 — Shannon Vickery and Mitchell Lewis host the special "North Carolina NOW & Then" that highlights some of the best stories that aired on North Carolina NOW during its 20 year history from 1994 to 2014. This week's episode focuses on year seventeen—2010.