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Collecting CarolinaBroadcast Date: 8/15/2013
The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, and The Gray Library & MESDA Research Center

“We are the only museum in the world that addresses the history and the material culture of the early South. As we like to say, we cover from when the first English footsteps landed at Jamestown to when the first cannons fired on Fort Sumter. We look at the original Southern Colonies stretching from Maryland all the way down to Georgia and then out into Kentucky and Tennessee. That’s our mission and we go about achieving that mission through object displays, exhibits, publishing a journal, educational programs and reaching out to the public.”
- Robert A. Leath, Chief Curator, Vice President Collections & Research, MESDA

Collecting CarolinaBroadcast Date: 8/29/2013
Pre & Post Civil War items and Long Rifles with Michael Briggs, NC Collector and Writer, & MESDA Chief Curator Robert Leath

'Collecting Carolina’ visits the Metrolina Expo Marketplace to show you how to recognize a true artifact from North Carolina, focusing on guns and Mecklenburg County’s storied history as we go booth to booth. It’s fascinating to discover North Carolina historical items readily available to buy, you just need to know what you like and what to look for.

Thomas DayBroadcast Date: 9/19/13
Thomas Day Furniture with local collectors & MESDA Curator Maria Shevzov
The most famous of all North Carolina African-American furniture makers was Thomas Day, a freeman whose life is well documented and who built some of the state’s most sought-after furniture in his shop in the town of Milton. Join us as we learn to identify a fake from the real thing. Because it is believed that there are many pieces of his work still in North Carolina homes today, yet to be discovered.

Collecting Carolina - Cameron Antiques FairBroadcast Date: 10/3/2013
Cameron Antiques Fair with Writer, Collector and Historian Ray Owen and MESDA Curator June Lucas
North Carolina treasures are still to be found at the ‘Cameron Antiques Fair,’ in the Sandhills and it’s a fun place to spend a day. Whether you are looking for something specific, or something arty, or something to go with what you already have. Stroll along the main street and in and out the many vendors’ displays because you never know what piece of North Carolina history you may find – we did!

Collecting CarolinaBroadcast Date: 11/14/2013
NC Antiques Auction with Antiques Road Show's Andrew Brunk & MESDA Curator June Lucas
Take the mystery out of an auction and learn from the best. Andrew Brunk has been affiliated with PBS’s ‘Antiques Road Show’ for over 12 years and has his own auction house in Asheville. Some of the finest estates have been bought and sold through this auction house and we go to watch a fine piece of Western North Carolina furniture go on the block – but for how much?

Historic EdentonBroadcast Date: 1/30/2014
Antiquing in Historic Edenton with Thomas Newbern, Samuel Dixon & MESDA Chief Curator Robert Leath
We explore historic Edenton with two local collectors and historians, Thomas Newbern and Samuel Dixon. Residents of this historic town preserve and treasure its homes, buildings and antiques in traditional settings. We start with The Edenton Tea Party of 1774, and then continue with a newly discovered brick foundation which could turn out to be North Carolina’s first Colonial Capitol of 1715, then onto other historic buildings. MESDA’s Chief Curator Robert Leath shows you how to research your own furniture item to find its provenance. Come explore, walk around, stop by and visit a while - Edenton's history and people will charm you.


Collecting Carolina - Moravian PotteryBroadcast Date: 2/20/2014
Moravian Potters & Pottery with Moravian Collector Barry Sidden & Old Salem Curator Johanna Brown
Settling in the Yadkin River Basin in the mid 1700’s, Moravian potters dug their clay and created some of the finest ceramic works. Potters were essential to establishing Moravian communities in North Carolina's Piedmont. They made everything from building materials, such as bricks and pipes, to household goods, such as pots and pottery. These craftsmen built essential elements for the growing town and dedicated their work to God. Barry Sidden, Moravian Decorative Arts Collector, and Old Salem curator Johanna Brown take us on a tour of Old Salem to learn about their inspiration and why these items are so valued and collectible today.


Antiquing in Historic HillsboroughBroadcast Date: 3/27/2014
Antiquing in Historic Hillsborough with auctioneer Leland Little & MESDA Associate Curator Daniel Ackermann
Hillsborough is the perfect historic town for antique collectors and history buffs alike. Pick up touring information at The Hillsborough Visitors Center and tour the town’s historic buildings, museum and churches. Enjoy the opportunity to bid on exclusive antiques at the prestigious Leland Little Auction House and search for collectibles in the Daniel Boone Village shops. We learn how to start a meaningful personal collection, and the joy of collecting from MESDA Associate Curator Daniel Ackermann.


Collecting Carolina: Historic Hope PlantationBroadcast Date: 4/17/2014
Historic Hope Plantation with Historian and Collector Thomas Newbern & MESDA Chief Curator Robert Leath
Historic Hope Plantation in eastern North Carolina was once the center of a thriving community in Bertie County. Well-preserved buildings, highly valued antique furniture, paintings, maps and documents capture the state’s landscape and people as they once were and are there for you to explore. Items such as turned chairs, corner cupboards and cellarets are highly priced in today’s antiques market and part of a unique tradition crafted by the Roanoke River Basin cabinetmakers of the Albemarle region. We visit an original 18th-century cabinetmaker’s shop and plantation with Thomas Newbern and MESDA Chief Curator Robert Leath, who explain the particular attributes of the region’s furniture and demonstrate why they are so prized by collectors today.

Ayr Mount Historic SiteBroadcast Date: 5/1/2014
A visit to Ayr Mount Historic Site in Hillsborough with MESDA Associate Curator Daniel Ackermann
In historic Hillsborough there is one of the most beautifully preserved early 19th century Federal-era brick plantation homes ‘Ayr Mount,’  Built in 1815 by Scottish immigrant and merchant William Kirkland and named to honor his birthplace, Ayr, in Scotland. This home is a beautifully restored and furnished and open to the public as part of the Classical American Homes Preservation Trust, collection.  MESDA Associate Curator Daniel Ackermann joins Julia to talk about the original home furnishings and special North Carolina collections to be seen on the tour.

Discovering Conetmporary Southern Folk ArtBroadcast Date: 5/29/2014
Discovering Contemporary Southern Folk Art with expert collector Barry Huffman
Highly collectable Contemporary Southern Folk Art is grounded in culture and traditions, and may include memories, nature and religion. It is an artist’s pure self-expression, untrained, unfettered by preconceptions, and using a variety of materials at hand. Highly popular and affordable, this art is one of the South’s most colorful and collectible. It has to be seen to be experienced and understood. As Barry says; ‘if it’s cute, it’s not folk art.’ This is an art form that each generation will appreciate differently, each person will interpret something different within the work and in the Hickory Museum of Art there is one of the finest collections assembled for you to enjoy.

Collecting Carolina: Catawba Valley PottersBroadcast Date: 6/19/2014
The traditions of Catawba Valley potters with Jason Harpe, Executive Director, Lincoln County Historical Society & MESDA Curator June Lucas
The making of pottery has long been at the heart of Catawba River Valley tradition. Once a part of Lincoln County, potters produced thousands of utilitarian pots, and a few have survived and are now North Carolina treasured collectables. But what makes Catawba pottery so different and special? We asked our MESDA Curator June Lucas to explain, and to show us what to look for at the Catawba Pottery Festival. Jason Harpe of the Lincoln County Museum explained the history and fascination with Catawba Face Jugs and you won’t believe ‘The Pots on Parade’ in downtown Lincolnton!

Collecting Carolina: Treasured NC Silver Broadcast Date: 7/24/2014
NC Treasured Silver at Old Salem & Tryon Palace's North Carolina History Center collection with MESDA Gary Albert, Adjunct Curator of Silver & Metals
Collecting Carolina is off to learn about 18th & 19th century North Carolina silver. Silver can be made into a precious antique decorative art form or utilitarian object, but always has beauty, purpose and value. There are many reasons why silver was such an important commodity and why we have so few North Carolina-made silver items today. To learn about Coin Silver, we visit Old Salem in one of the oldest surviving Silversmith shops, and Tryon Palace with the state’s finest collection. Join Julia Carpenter and Gary Albert for a journey into our shinning past!

Collecting Carolina: Quilts, Coverlets and ClothBroadcast Date: 8/7/2014
Quilts, Coverlets & Cloth with The Museum of North Carolina Handicrafts & MESDA Curator Jenny Garwood
We learn about different types of handmade and embellished bed coverings, quilts, woven coverlets and counterpanes, and why they are the most fragile of antiques and collectables. We are joined in the Historic Shelton House by Textile Curator Suzanne McDowell and the High County Quilters, who donate over 100 of these amazing quilts to the USO’s Wounded Warriors Project each year. Quilting, a necessity and time honored handicraft tradition, is practiced all over the world and shared today by clubs and guilds all across our state. Join us as we treasure the past quilters' works and the joy as the tradition of quilting continues. Quilts are made with love and given with a hug.

Broadcast Date: 8/21/2014duck decoys
Duck Carvings with D.C. North, Duck Carver, & MESDA Chief Curator Robert Leath

When next you think about duck hunting, consider the duck decoy carver. This is a true American Folk Art form, and one of the oldest dating back to the American Indians and 400BC. Why they were made, why we treasure and collect them and who continues this legacy today is all about our people and  their love of ducks. We will take you to Harkers Island to see a permanent collection of duck decoys at the Core Sound Museum and to the Core Sound Carvers Guild to watch the carving skill being taught to a new generation.