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Collecting Carolina Season 3

Bob Timberlake and Julia CarpenterBroadcast Date: 5/2/2017
Bob Timberlake: painter and designer of fine art and furnishings

Bob Timberlake is an internationally known and loved realist painter, whose gallery in Lexington reflects his life. Bob started painting professionally at 33, and since the 1970s has become a favorite North Carolina painter of the countryside and country life. His paintings are sought after by collectors all over the world, and are available as prints in a multitude of sizes. His drawings have led to designs for furniture, building materials, outdoor seating and home accessories. A visit to The Bob Timberlake Gallery just off Highway I-85, and exit 94, is a chance to immerse yourself in Bob’s world, to glimpse at his own collecting passions, and to see both his sketches and finished works of art. You may even like to take home a piece of Bob’s work for yourself.

Tea at Umstead Hotel and SpaBroadcast Date: 2/16/2017
Tea and Art at the Umstead Hotel and Spa
There's a perfect afternoon to be enjoyed viewing contemporary art followed by a delicious afternoon tea, in the lovely setting of The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary. Inspired by the nature that surrounds the hotel, Mrs. Ann Goodnight commissioned and purchased over 100 works of original art, focusing on local and regional artists, from potters to painters. You can explore the collection using the self-guided tour pamphlet, or plan ahead and arrange for a guided tour. The afternoon tea experience is pure delight, and includes handmade delicacies only a five-star restaurant can provide. To reserve your afternoon tea seating and guided tour throughout the year contact the hotel at 919-447-4000. 

Lake Lure Inn

Broadcast Date: 11/17/2016
1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa
This timeless and classic Inn sits on the edge of beautiful Lake Lure, in Rutherford County. The Inn provides a genteel relaxing environment and is known for its Sunday Brunch. Throughout the Inn you will be surrounded by unique collections of decorative arts, dating from the ‘Gilded Age,’ post-civil war era, to World War II memorabilia. Seventy-four of the eighty known sculptures by John Rodgers are on display in the dining-room, plus a dozen ‘The Man of the Hour,’ FDR clocks in the Moose and Goose Bar. And the prize of the collections are the ‘Orchestrions’: a wonderful collection of 16 antique music boxes including the 1908 Imhof & Muckle Orchestrion. The staff are happy to play them for you as part of your relaxing stay in this historic hotel.

NC Music Hall of Fame

Broadcast Date: 10/12/2016
North Carolina Music Hall of Fame
Located in Kannapolis, and sharing space with the Mike Curb Motorsports museum, this is a terrific stop for all ages. The impressive NC Music Hall of Fame collection houses interactive exhibits of musical artists, music recordings, instruments and costume memoribilia, from over 50 of the nearly 100 inductees. The sights and sounds of North Carolina’s artists, their stories and rise to fame is yours to explore and enjoy. The adjacent motorsports museum contains 39 racing cars from Indie, NASCAR, Silver Crown and Outlaw series and Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty and Dale Jerrette cars. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Mike Curb Motorsports and Music Museums. 

Wilson Antiques

Broadcast Date: 9/15/2016
Why so many Antique Dealers in Wilson?
We have never seen so many antiques in one place. So many chairs, so many dressers, so much porcelain, stacks upon stacks of fine European antiques. And all this in Wilson, North Carolina. Why in Wilson you ask? We wondered the same thing, so we went to explore. And we found many reasons that Wilson is an appealing destination for collectors; each a reason for you to stop by and visit Highway 301 South aptly named the Antiques Highway. Wilson is an antiques center full of shops, appraisers, auctioneers, refinishers, reupholsters and reclaimers—they have it all. Join us as we visit Boone’s Antiques, Boyking Appraisers and Bobby Langston’s Antiques.    

Broadcast Date: 7/14/2016Folk Art Center
The Folk Art Center
If you are a discerning shopper and collector of mountain arts and crafts, there’s no better source for quality items than the Southern Highland Craft Guild. With four locations in the Appalachian mountains, this educational non-profit organization represents more than 900 area artisans. Each artist goes through a rigourous juried process to qualify, and high standards for design and craftsmanship are reflected in their work. From studio furniture and one-of-a-kind home accessories, to quilts, clothing, glass items, jewelry, pottery, woodworking and more, you will find something to treasure. Join us to preview The Blue Ridge Parkway’s Folk Art Center in Asheville.

TobaccianaBroadcast Date: 5/19/16
The collecting of manufctured tobacco related products and memoribilia is called ‘tobacciana.’ And folks enjoy relating stories of bygone days when tobacco was ‘king’ in North Carolina. From old snuff pouches, to tobacco tins, rolling paper, cigarette cards, signs and cigar lables, the history of these collectables harken back to a past era. One unique story found among our discoveires, was that of Lucky Strike. The brand's packaging was originally green in color. Then along came World War II, and the military demanded all the green dye available, so the Lucky Strike packaging went to white and remains to this day. And if you ever wondered why men smoke cigars when a baby is born, you'll find this answer and more fun facts in this segment, as we explore the old timey store Davis and Son in Wilmington.

Governor’s Western Residence
The Governor’s Western Residence is a second home to our sitting Governors, and is located on a ridge top in Asheville. It is a picturesque retreat that is made available for Governors and their families, and members of the Council of State. The home contains a unique collection of Western North Carolina arts, crafts and furniture. The first thing you will notice are the magnificent views. To the North, you can look out towards Mount Mitchell, and to the South, you can see across Asheville towards Mount Pisgah. The house has an interesting history, and architecture, and was built in the early 1930s. The property was acquired in 1963 by the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, with the purpose of attracting then Governor Terry Sanford to come and visit Asheville to promote commerce and industry to the region. Only open twice a year to the public, but available for non-profit organization events, this is a unique opportunity to see inside one of our state’s fine properties. 

Wooden Folk Art Horses

Broadcast Date: 4/21/16
Liberty Antiques Festival
With over 400 dealers from more than 25 states, this is one of North Carolina’s best antiques festivals. Held only twice a year in Liberty, Randolph County, this is a collector’s must shop opportunity. You will find all types and kinds of collectables including furniture, pottery, glass, clocks, country and farming collectables, dolls, toys, military items, advertising memorabilia, decoys, jewelry, quilts, folk art, and more. People travel from all over the country to look for that special item to add to their collection, and you are sure to find it here.

Replacements, Ltd. Greensboro
For over 35 years, Bob Page has fulfilled his passion for antiques and collectables by shopping flea markets and antique shows. He is now the world’s largest reseller of old and new china, crystal, silver ,and collectibles. His massive store, in Greensboro is just off Highway 40, is roughly the size of eight football fields. Here he has over 12 million pieces of inventory and over 10 million customers in the online database. With annual sales that run between 70 and 80 million dollars a year, this is without a doubt the largest operation of its kind. The show room is a feast for your eyes, and collectors flock here to find that special item to complete a set, start a new set, or just to browse. Come and visit with us as we get a behind-the-scenes look into a remarkable and fascinating establishment.

Broadcast Date: 12/10/15Mordecai House
Mordecai House and Historic Park, Raleigh
‘Collecting Carolina,’ is visiting the Mordecai House and Historic Park in Raleigh. For collectors of early 1800’s decorative arts, quilts, china, books and furniture, this site displays a family’s unique personal collection from the period. The rooms are well preserved and decorated to reflect the early 1800’s. The Mordecai House is one of the few homes still on its original foundation and there are tours and special events throughout the year. Once the largest pre-civil war plantation in the area, today it also houses several historic buildings including the birthplace of 17th President Andrew Johnson. It is also a City of Raleigh Park, and the grounds are open seven days a week for visiting. With a fascinating past well preserved by educators and docents, this is a great stop any time of year.

Broadcast Date: 12/3/15Hewitt Pottery
Mark Hewitt, Master Potter, Pittsboro
If you collect pots, or just fascinated by their shape, texture and form, Mark Hewitt’s work is something to be seen and experienced. Mark Hewitt is 2015’s United States Artist Fellow, an award winning modern day potter, who’s known for making big beautiful pots. Marks pots are displayed in museums, hotels, restaurants and private collections around the world. His experience and passion for the North Carolina clay, his technical mastery, and his understanding of ceramic history come together in each pot he makes. Join us as we travel to Pittsboro to see Mark prepare his pots for an upcoming kiln opening, ever popular with collectors.