Time Warner Channel Update

TV RemoteOn March 1, 2014, there was an update to the Time Warner Cable channels. Time Warner changed the numbers assigned to its digital channels and all the channels above number 100 are changing. However, please note that if you have been accustomed to watching UNC-TV on channel 9, which is the analog channel assigned to UNC-TV in Durham, that has not changed. 

So if you watch us on Time Warner Cable, here’s where ALL four of UNC-TV’s digital channels in North Carolina will now be found:

  • UNC-TV: Channel 1221 (our flagship channel)
  • UNC-KD: Channel 1275 (The Just for Kids Channel)
  • UNC-MX: Channel 1276 (The “Eclectic Mix” Channel)
  • UNC-EX: Channel 1277 (The Explorer Channel)

In fact, anywhere you go in America, channel 1221 will be the home of PBS on Time Warner Cable! How convenient!

It’s the same life-changing television on brand new Time Warner channels. We’ll see you there!