How do you watch UNC-TV?

UNC-TV PassportDo you watch UNC-TV via cable or satellite? Perhaps over the air with an antenna? Maybe you DVR your favorites and watch them later? These are all great ways to view our original productions, but there are also many new ways to enjoy our programs!

Now introducing the all-new benefit for UNC-TV members, Passport. This new streaming service provides extended access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming. Make your tax-deductible contribution of $60 or more or $5 or more ongoing monthly (as a sustaining member) and check out UNC-TV Passport today.

One of the most popular ways everyone can watch UNC-TV is by using our online video player. Not only is our video player filled with original UNC-TV productions, it also features PBS favorites like Antiques Roadshow, Austin City Limits, Great Performances and more.

You can also find programs like these using AppleTV and Roku. Some of our programs are also available on our YouTube channel, as well as through iTunes and iTunes U Beyond Campus. You may also be interested in downloading the free PBS Mobile App to enjoy UNC-TV on the go or subscribing to an RSS feed of our many podcasts. And if you want to own DVD copies of UNC-TV programs, click here for more information.

Technology brings UNC-TV to you as never before.
Whatever screen you use, we hope you always choose UNC-TV!