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Born in Riceland, Washington, Orson Scott Card grew up in California, Arizona and Utah. He lived in Brazil for two years as an unpaid missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and received degrees from Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. As one of the nation's most acclaimed and best-selling authors, he has received numerous awards. His novel Stone Tables was honored by Booklist as one of its top 10 Christian novels for 1999. Card's Sarah: Women of Genesis was the first book in a trilogy about women of the Bible, and the second installment in that series, Rebekah, will be released this fall. He currently lives with his wife Kristine and family in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Shadow Puppets (science fiction novel, sequel to Ender's Shadow and Shadow of the Hegemon, TOR)
Rebekah (2nd of 3 books, Women of Genesis series, Shadow Mountain, November 2001)
Shadow of the Hegemon (science fiction novel, sequel to Ender's Shadow, TOR, January 2001)
Sarah (1st of 3 books, Women of Genesis series, Shadow Mountain, October 2000)
Magic Mirror (picture book, Gibbs Smith Publisher, September 1999)
Ender's Shadow (novel, TOR, August 1999)
Enchantment (novel, Del Rey, 1999)
Heartfire (volume 5 of the Tales of Alvin Maker, American fantasy, Tor, 1998)
Homebody (novel, HarperCollins, 1998)
Stone Tables (novel, Deseret Book, 1997)
Treasure Box (novel, HarperCollins, 1996)
Children of the Mind (science fiction novel, sequel to Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, and Xenocide, Tor, 1996)
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus (novel Tor, 1996)
Alvin Journeyman (volume 4 of Tales of Alvin Maker; American fantasy, Tor, 1995) Locus Award (best fantasy novel) 96
Earthborn (volume 5 of the science fiction series Homecoming, Tor, 1995)
Earthfall (volume 4 of the science fiction series Homecoming, Tor, 1995)
Lovelock(with Kathryn H. Kidd, book 1 in the science fiction series Mayflower, Tor, 1994)
The Ships of Earth (volume 3 of the science fiction series Homecoming, Tor, 1994)
A Storyteller in Zion (essays, Bookcraft, 1993)
The Call of Earth (volume 2 of the science fiction series Homecoming, Tor, 1992)
Lost Boys (novel, HarperCollins, 1992)
The Memory of Earth (volume 1 of the science fiction series Homecoming, Tor, 1992)
Xenocide (science fiction novel, sequel to Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, Tor, Aug 1991)
The Worthing Saga (omnibus volume incorporating The Worthing Chronicle, most of Capitol, and several previously unpublished or uncollected stories from the same future history; Tor, Dec 90)
Eye for Eye (Tor double novel, with Lloyd Biggle, Jr., "Tunesmith," and Foreword and Afterword to "Tunesmith" by OSC, Tor, Nov 90)
Maps in a Mirror: The Short Fiction of Orson Scott Card (Tor, 1990) Maps in a Mirror: Paperbacks: The Changed Man (book 1, 1992) Flux (book 2, 1992) Crule Miracles (book 4, 1992) Monkey Sonatas (book 3, 1993)
How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy (Writer's Digest Books, 90) Hugo Award 91
The Abyss with Jim Cameron (science fiction, novel based on the film The Abyss, Pocket, May 89); in French translation as Abyss (J'ai Lu, 89); in German translation as Abyss: In der Tiefe de Meeres (Bastei Lubbe); Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese editions forthcoming.
The Folk of the Fringe (science fiction, collection of linked stories, Phantasia Press/Tor, Apr 89)
Prentice Alvin (vol. 3 of Tales of Alvin Maker; American fantasy, Tor, Feb 89); UK edition Century/Legend
Treason (science fiction, St. Martin's Press, Oct 88; revised edition of A Planet Called Treason, 10% new material)
Character and Viewpoint (Writer's Digest Books, Aug 88)
Red Prophet (vol. 2 of Tales of Alvin Maker; American fantasy, Tor, Jan 88); UK edition (Century/Legend); in German translation as Der Rote Prophet (Bastei Lubbe) Hugo finalist 89, Nebula Finalist 88, Locus Award (best fantasy novel) 89
Wyrms (science fiction novel, Arbor House/Tor, Jun 87); UK edition (Century/Legend); in German translation as Die Stadt am Ende der Welt (Bastei Lubbe)
Seventh Son (vol. 1 of Tales of Alvin Maker; American fantasy, Tor, Jun 87); UK edition (Century/Legend); in German translation as Der Siebente Sohn (Bastei Lubbe) Hugo finalist 88, World Fantasy finalist 88, Mythopoeic Society Award 88, Locus Award (best fantasy novel) 88
Cardography (fantasy collection, Hypatia Press, Mar 87; all stories to be incorporated in Maps in a Mirror)
Speaker for the Dead (science fiction novel, Tor, Feb 86); UK edition (Century); in French translation as La Voix des Morts (Opta); in German translation as Sprecher fur die Toten (Bastei Lubbe); in Spanish translation as La Voz de los Muertos: La Saga de Ender (Nova) Nebula Award 86, Hugo Award 87, Locus Award 87, SF Chronicle Readers Poll Award 87
Ender's Game (science fiction novel, Tor, Jan 85, based on 1977 novelet "Ender's Game"); UK edition (Century); in French translation as La Strategie Ender (Opta); in German translation as Das Grosse Spiel (Bastei Lubbe); in Spanish translation as El Juego de Ender (Nova); in Japanese translation (S.I. Hayakawa); in Dutch translation as Ender Wint (Meulenhoff). Also translated into Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Swedish. Nebula Award 85, Hugo Award 86, Hamilton-Brackett Award 86, SF Chronicle Readers Poll Award 86
Saints (historical novel, Berkley, Jan 84 [as Woman of Destiny]; Tor, Apr 88); named Book of the Year by Association for Mormon Letters
The Worthing Chronicle (science fiction novel, Ace, Jul 83; included in The Worthing Saga, qv)
Hart's Hope (fantasy, Berkley, Jan 83; Tor, Feb 88); in French translation as Espoir-du-cerf (Denoel); in Spanish translation as Esperanza del Venado (Nova Fantasia); in German translation as Die Hirschbraut (Bastei Lubbe)
Saintspeak (humor, Signature/Orion, 82)
Ainge (sports biography, Signature, 82; out of print)
Unaccompanied Sonata and Other Stories (story collection, science fiction, Dial/Dell, 80; out of print in U.S.); in German translation as Play Kosmos (Bastei Lubbe); in French translation as Sonate sans Accompagnement (Denoel); in Japanese translation as Mubanso Sonata (Hayakawa Publishing)
Songmaster (science fiction, Dial/Dell, 79, 80; Tor, 87, slightly revised); UK edition (Orbit); in German translation as Meistersanger (Bastei Lubbe); in Dutch translation as Zangermeester (Meulenhoff); in Spanish translation as Maestro Cantor (Nova Ciencia Ficcion) Hamilton-Brackett Memorial Award 81
A Planet Called Treason (science fiction, St. Martin's/Dell, 78,79; permanently out of print; replaced by Treason, qv); UK edition A Planet Called Treason (Pan); in Dutch translation as Wereld van Verraad (Elmar); in French translation as Une Planete Nommee Trahison (Denoel); in Spanish translation as Un Planeta Llamado Traicion (Nebulae)
Hot Sleep (science fiction, Baronet/Ace, 78; permanently out of print; replaced by Worthing Chronicle, qv)
Capitol (story collection, science fiction, Baronet/Ace, 78; permanently out of print; much material included in The Worthing Saga); in German translation as Capitol (Bastei Lubbe)
Listen, Mom and Dad (child-rearing book, Bookcraft, 78; out of print)


Shadow Puppets
Excerpt 1 (from chapter one)

Conversation as Bean and Petra go into hiding.

"First thing we need to do," said Bean, "is split up."

"No," said Petra.

"I've done this before, Petra. Going into hiding. Keeping from getting caught."

"And if we're together we're too identifiable, la la la," she said.

"Saying 'la la la' doesn't mean it isn't true."

"But I don't care," said Petra. "That's the part you're leaving out of your calculations."

"And I do care," said Bean, "which is the part you're leaving out of yours."

"Let me put it this way," said Petra. "If we separate, and Achilles finds me and kills me first, then you'll just have one more female you love deeply who is dead because you didn't protect her."

"You fight dirty."

"I fight like a girl."

"And if you stay with me, we'll probably end up dying together."

"No we won't," said Petra.

"I'm not immortal, as you well know."

"But you are smarter than Achilles. And luckier. And taller. And nicer."

"The new improved human."

She looked at him thoughtfully. "You know, now that you're tall, we could probably travel as man and wife."

Bean sighed. "I'm not going to marry you."

"Just as camouflage."

Excerpt 2 (from chapter 4)

Petra and Bean are joined by a fellow Battle School grad.

"I didn't think you were coming," said Bean.

"I don't answer emails," said Ambul. "Except by showing up and seeing if the email was really from the person it's supposed to be from."

"Oh," said Petra, putting things together. "You must be the soldier in Bean's army who was assigned to show Achilles around."

"Only he didn't have the foresight to push Achilles out an airlock without a suit," said Bean.

"Which I think shows a shameful lack of initiative on his part."

"Bean notified me as soon as he found out Achilles was on the loose. He figured there was no chance I wasn't on Achilles's hit list. Saved my life."

"So Achilles made a try?" asked Bean.
They were away from the path now, out in the open, standing on the broad lawn stretching away from the lake where the pianist played. Only the faintest sound of the amplified Chopin reached them here.

"Let's just say that I've had to keep moving," said Ambul.

"Is that why you weren't in Thailand when the Chinese invaded?" asked Petra.

"No," said Ambul. "No, I left Thailand almost as soon as I came home. You see, I was not like most Battle School graduates. I was in the worst army in the history of the battle room."

"My army," said Bean.

Excerpt 3 (from chapter 7)

Bean and Petra converse with Professor Anton, whose theory "created" him.

"There were more than a score of us," said Bean. "But the others were murdered."

"You survived," said Anton. "The others didn't. Why was that, do you think?"

"I hid in a toilet tank."

"Yes, yes," said Anton, "so I gleaned from Sister Carlotta, God rest her soul. But why did you, and you alone, sneak out of your bed and go into the bathroom and hide in such a dangerous and difficult place? Scarcely a year old, too. So precocious. So desperate to survive. Yet genetically identical to all your brothers, da?"

"Cloned," said Bean, "so ... yes."

"It is not all genetics, is it?" said Anton. "It is not all anything. So much left to learn. And you are the only teacher."

"I don't know anything about that. I'm a soldier."

"It is your body that would teach us. And every cell inside it."

"Sorry, but I'm still using them," said Bean.

"As I'm still using my mind," said Anton, "even though it won't go where I most want it to take me."

Bean turned to Petra. "Is that why you brought me here? So Professor Anton could see what a big boy I've become?"

"No," said Petra.

"She brought you here," said Anton, "so I can persuade you that you are human."

Excerpt 4 (from chapter 8)

Peter Wiggin's father tries to warn him of the danger of keeping Achilles in the Hegemony headquarters.

"It's not a popularity contest, Father."

"No, it's a loyalty contest. You accomplish exactly as much as the people who serve you decide you'll accomplish, and nothing more. They are your power, these public servants you employ, and he's winning their loyalty away from you."

"Superficially, perhaps," said Peter.

"For most people, the superficial is all there is. They act on the feelings of the moment. They like him better than you."

"There's always somebody that people like better," said Peter with a vicious little smile. He referred, of course, to Ender.

John Paul restrained himself from making the obvious one-word retort, because it would devastate Peter. The single crushing word would have been "yes."

"Peter," said John Paul, "when the Beast leaves here, who knows how many people he'll leave behind who like him well enough to slip him a bit of gossip now and then? Or a secret document?"

"Father, I appreciate your concern. And once again, I can only tell you that I have things under control."

"You seem to think that anything you don't know isn't worth knowing," said John Paul, not for the first time.

"And you seem to think that anything I'm doing is not being done well enough," said Peter for at least the hundredth time.

Excerpt 5 (from chapter 9)

Bean and Petra are about to visit the man who stole Bean as an embryo and genetically altered him.

Volescu's offices, in an old but lovely building in the heart of the city, were modestly labeled, in Common, "Reproductive Safety Services."

"Safety," said Petra. "An odd name, considering how many babies he killed."

"Not babies," said Bean mildly. "Illegal experiments were terminated, but no actual legal babies were ever involved."

"That really slops your hogs, doesn't it," she said.

"You watch too many vids. You're beginning to pick up American slang."

"What else can I do, with you spending all your time online, saving the world?"

"I'm about to meet my maker," said Bean. "And you're complaining to me about my spending too much time on pure altruism."

"He's not your maker," said Petra.

"Who is, then? My biological parents? They made Nikolai. I was leftovers in the fridge."

"I was referring to God," said Petra.

"I know you were," said Bean, smiling. "Me, I can't help but think that I exist because God blinked. If he'd been paying attention, I could never have happened."

"Don't goad me about religion," said Petra. "I won't play."

"You started it," said Bean.

"I'm not Sister Carlotta."

"I couldn't have married you if you were. Was that your choice? Me or the nunnery?"