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BalloonsThe series is the work of a top notch crew led by award-winning producer/directors Morgan Potts and David Hardy. Associated with Our State since its inception, Potts has seen the series grow into UNC-TV's most prestigious local broadcast. Potts' skill as a meticulous weaver of images and sound means every story on Our State resonates with the beauty that is North Carolina. Co-producer David Hardy brings his wealth of knowledge of North Carolina through his years of producing North Carolina Weekend. Director of Photography Mike Burke is the third element of this award-winning team. Burke has nearly 40 years of photography and videography experience, and his gifted eye helps capture the essence of this remarkable state.

In 1933 Carl Goerch founded the magazine as a means by which people could become “…more appreciative of their state by becoming better acquainted with it.” Now published by Bernard Mann, owner of Mann Media in Greensboro, Our State: Celebrating North Carolina maintains Goerch’s name on the masthead and retains his original vision. Each month more than half a million North Carolinians enjoy its thoughtful look at all that is good in our state.

“We are grateful to UNC-TV for selecting Our State Magazine for this show,” says Mann. “The production is outstanding and we are so proud to see our stories and pictures as part of this program. BB&T’s enormous financial commitment made this program possible. This is another in their long standing support of the best things in North Carolina.”

“We’ve been proud to call North Carolina home since 1872,” says BB&T advertising and public relations manager Ron Denny. “And we’re equally as proud to support our friends at Our State magazine and UNC-TV by sponsoring this outstanding TV series. “UNC-TV has successfully brought the beautiful pages and stories of Our State magazine to life. They have carefully captured many of the great things that make North Carolina so unique, special, and well-loved.”

UNC-TV’s former Director and General Manager Tom Howe echoes such enthusiasm: “UNC-TV is delighted to be working with BB&T and the publishers of Our State magazine to produce a monthly series that will present beautiful high-definition television images and fascinating, important stories about the people and places that make North Carolina special. UNC-TV, Our State magazine and BB&T share a commitment to excellence, and that is why this collaboration will be an enriching viewing experience for our audience.”

Our State’s extremely high resolution offers a stunning visual experience. Like its print counterpart, Our State helps preserve the past, anticipates the future and celebrates the present through unforgettable stories and images that make our state great!

Our State is produced by UNC-TV in partnership with Our State Magazine and generously supported by BB&T.