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Letters from Home

Season 8

Episode 801

What It Was, Was Football - Asheboro illustrator Rich Powell, known for his work in Mad Magazine and his comic strips, Wide Open and Dixie Drive, draws new life out of Andy Griffith's classic monologue about a country deacon's first football game. See more of Powell's artwork on his website, or read about What It Was, Was Football in this article from Our State Magazine.

Letters from Home - Serah Haley and Erinn Diaz bring their passions for singing and dance--and honoring our nation's veterans--to Letters from Home, a living tribute to the music and patriotic spirit of the 1940s. For more information about "America's Bombshell Duo," visit their website.

The Story of Virginia Johnson - Inspired by his wife's North Carolina mountain childhood, J. Larry Keith wrote The Story of Virginia Johnson, an original song which he performs with the Lonesome Road Band. Learn more about Keith and his band online, and follow them on Facebook!

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Episode 802 

Mountain Spirit - Salvage divers Tim Ferris and Bob Weihe were used to uncovering secrets in the water, but when they founded Blue Ridge Distilling Company in a lush mountain valley, they also discovered a revolutionary process for making whiskey. Now, their signature spirit--appropriately named "Defiant"--has earned its place at the forefront of North Carolina's distilling resurgence. Learn more at the Defiant Whiskey website

Keepers of the Vine - Meet Jack and Estelle Wilson of Roanoke Island, caretakers of the "Mother Vine," which historians believe to be one of the oldest scuppernong grape vines in existence. More information is available online

Thalian Hall - Explore the beauty and history of Thalian Hall, a center for both art and politics in the city of Wilmington. The building not only houses government functions, but a stunningly ornate theater, whose stage has been graced by the likes of Oscar Wilde, Frederick Douglass, and other historic figures. Visit their website to find out more. 

Episode 803

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Episode 804

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Episode 805

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Episode 806

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Episode 808

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