Our State: Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6

Episode 601

Stickbuilt - On the Guilford College campus, acclaimed artist Patrick Dougherty constructs otherworldly sculptures out of saplings.

Pumpkin Delights - See the Halloween pumpkin carvings and crowds who visit them on a bridge in Bynum.

Tar Heel Towns: Weaverville - D.G. Martin explores a delightful mountain destination.

Episode 602

Grovewood Galleries - Discover the century-spanning tale of how a Biltmore Estate-owned manufacturing company became one of America's most well-regarded craft stores, Grovewood Galleries.

Tree Surgeon - Meet William "Bus" Hubbard, UNC-Chapel Hill's Tree Surgeon, and a campus institution on par with The Davie Poplar and The Old Well.

Keys to the Past - Learn why the history of Kluttz Piano Company is a story of family: a family business restoring heirloom pianos, which are passed down from generation to generation.

Episode 603

Living on the Water - Meet crabber Mickey Daniels as he struggles to maintain his livelihood in the twilight of a proud tradition of living on the water.

Camden County Jail - Explore Camden County Jail, unfortunate accommodations in the early 1900s that have found new life as a landmark where history comes alive.

Playing By Heart - Discover how Jim Avett dedicated his life to his farm and his family. His sons' band perpetuates their father's musical legacy.

Episode 604

Soldier's Stories - We will introduce you to Fred Johnson of Wilmington, an African-American whose ancestors fought in the Civil War and who now works tirelessly to honor their service.

Trail of Trust - Hear the epic story of Trevor Thomas, who hiked the Appalachian Trail without the benefit of eyesight and learned to trust the companions he inspired along the way.

Episode 605

Old Stone House - Explore the Old Stone House, a 250 year-old architectural marvel in Rowan County.

Roanoke River - Come along with Bland Simpson as he voyages down North Carolina's "Amazon," the Roanoke River.

Fragile Canvas - Learn how Rebekah Brown's calling, creating artwork from egg shells, helps her enjoy the gifts and overcome the challenges of life.

Episode 606

Charlie Poole - Travel back to the early 1900s to meet Charlie Poole, a linthead from Eden, and hear his revolutionary approach to banjo.

Bamboo Country - Visit the Haiku Bamboo Nursery, and learn more about this beautiful and often misunderstood plant.

Vanishing Links - Discover writer Katey Schultz's passion for North Carolina's hidden footbridges, as she leads a roundabout tour through the North Carolina mountains.

Episode 607

The Land Beneath his Feet - Learn how Hillsborough novelist and Hollywood soap opera scribe Michael Malone finds his story-telling voice in the South.

The Gardens of Calvary - Discover a garden full of botanical curiosities and more at Calvary Episcopal Church in Tarboro.

Barns Reborn - Meet Roger Dinger, who deconstructs old barns and transforms the weathered wood into fascinating works of art.

Episode 608

William Ivey Long: Ties that Bind - Meet acclaimed Broadway costume designer William Ivey Long, who got his start working backstage at The Lost Colony outdoor drama. He returned to Manteo years later to put his expertise to work redesigning every costume after a disastrous fire threatened this North Carolina treasure.

Natural Connections with Doug Elliott - Head to the woods with naturalist, herbalist and storyteller Doug Elliott for a glimpse at his southern Appalachian lifestyle and his passion to connect with nature.