Episode 107- Our State

Episode 107

In the late 18th Century, North Carolina's lighthouses were more than just an aid to ocean navigation, they were a testament to the new nation's economic stability. Today, the lighthouses from Currituck Beach to Oak Island draw thousands of visitors a year. Folks come to take pictures and contemplate what the lonely life of a lighthouse keeper was like. North Carolina lighthouse expert Cheryl Shelton-Roberts takes us on a tour of these majestic structures.

Wine CountryWine Country
Think all the United States' wine is produced in California? Think again. North Carolina is home to 45 wineries, with 14 alone in the Yadkin Valley. Come see how the lush North Carolina farmland is being repurposed for a different type of crop.

KudzuWine Country
In most places in our State, you can hardly go a mile in any direction without spotting the broad green leaves. It creeps along at a frighteningly fast pace. It envelops anything that won't move out of its way. For most folks, kudzu is simply an agricultural import run amok. But for the Edwards family of Rutherfordton, the kudzu covering their farm is a gem they've discovered and gladly share with us.

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