Episode 308- Our State

Episode 308

This month, we meet the COASTKEEPERS of the North Carolina Coastal Federation. Their mission is multi-fold, promoting the enforcement of environmental law and teaching citizens the stewardship of coastal management. As development pressures mount, their liaison to communities has already made significant differences in storm water pollution policy and land use planning. Come see how their work strives to keep North Carolina’s coast dynamic and healthy for generations to come.

Jim McPhailJim McPhail
Next, visit the Museum of the Albemarle where two restoration projects will showcase their Main Gallery. The Jackson House, built in 1755 and a 1840s smokehouse were abandoned and nearly destroyed, but then discovered as historically significant and moved to a new facility for on-site restoration. Follow the amazing process that recaptures 18th and 19th century farm life in the Albemarle region.

Jackson HouseJackson House
Then we travel to western North Carolina to meet wood turner, Jim McPhail whose lamination style uses multiple layers wood in varying color, texture and thickness. Containing nine to twenty-one layers of wood, he crafts miniature bowls only one to five inches wide! See the wondrous work of this unique artist.

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Jim McPhail

Jackson House