Episode 103- Our State

Episode 103

To the Stars and BeyondStars and Beyond
Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, on the edge of the Pisgah Forest, lies a former NASA radio tracking facility. Signals from these radio dishes announced to the world the successes of the Apollo moon landing. Today, the site continues to utilize radio signals as the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute. Come see how this not-for-profit foundation inspires students and teachers alike to reach for the stars.


Going Home Going Home
If you stand on the Eastern edge of Ocracoke Island and look further East, your view of the Atlantic is broken 5 miles in the distance by a tiny island where no one lives anymore. The houses stand desolate while the salt air moves past them. Portsmouth Island was a thriving community in the 1800's, but it's population gradually moved off island. The National Park Service and the Friends of Portsmouth Island sponsor a Homecoming service on Portsmouth every two years.

As time goes by, more and more of the homecoming participants have no physical connection to the island. These folks say their spiritual connection to this magical place is just as strong as if they had lived here. Come with us to find out why.


Fences: A Video EssayFences
"Good fences make good neighbors," Robert Frost wrote in his poem, "Mending Wall." Whether the fence keeps something in, or keeps something out, they are beautiful, functional parts of our lives. Come take a look at some of the beautiful fences in Our State.


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To the Stars and Beyond:

Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

Going Home:

National Park Service: Cape Lookout