Episode 106- Our State

Episode 106


Voyage of the PeriaugerPeriauger

Dubbed by many the “Pick up truck of the 18th Century,” the Periauger is a type of boat that was predominant on the North Carolina sounds during our state’s early days. Designed to carry goods from port to port, the boats were made from hollowed out cypress trees. Cypress decomposes over time, which is the reason there are no original periaugers known to exist. Building a periauger was a colossal task that involved many organizations and volunteers. Follow these dedicated folks as they design, build, and successfully bring back to life a part of North Carolina’s coastal heritage.


Tar Heel Towns: SylvaSylva
Towards the western edge of North Carolina, the small town of Sylva is tucked into the beautiful North Carolina Mountains. With the help of an organization called Sylva Partners in Renewal, Sylva’s downtown merchants have worked hard to preserve old fashioned services on Main Street, while at the same time providing new, diverse experiences for residents and visitors alike. And when spring comes to the mountains, the whole town comes to Main Street to greet it.


Wildflower FestivalWildflower
Springtime in North Carolina brings a wealth of beautiful plants to life. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to an amazing variety of wildflowers. Every year for the past 54 years, thousands of people have trekked through this forest in the springtime to see its amazing diversity of flora and fauna.


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