Episode 109- Our State

Episode 109

Fort MaconFort Macon
When you make a trip to Fort Macon today, you’ll find sand, wind, water, and a well-placed military fortification – the exact same things the Union Army found in 1862 when it attempted to take possession of the Fort from the Confederate Army. In fact, all that’s really changed in the past 140 years is the number of visitors to this spit of land between Bogue Sound, Beaufort Inlet, and the Atlantic Ocean. Come see why over one million people each year flock to Fort Macon State Park.


Ben Long Frescoes Ben Long Frescoes
Trained in the art of fresco painting in Italy, Ben Long IV has brought 15 large scale fresco paintings to life in public areas throughout North Carolina. This world-renowned artist lives in Asheville, where he passes down his knowledge to enthusiastic students at the Fine Arts League of Asheville.


Peaches and CreamPeaches and Cream
On a hot summer day, there are few tastes as refreshingly sweet as a ripe peach. The Sandhills of North Carolina produce some of the juiciest peaches in our State. DG Martin takes us to West End and Lilesville, where family run peach orchards are thriving.


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