Episode 206- Our State

Episode 206

Bat Cave PreserveBat Cave Preserve
Yes, there is an actual bat cave in Bat Cave Preserve. One of the largest granite fissure style caves in the world, Bat Cave is home to several types of bats. Owned by The Nature Conservancy, the Preserve features unique micro-climates that allow threatened or endangered species of plants and animals to survive. Follow the Our State cameras into the depths of Bat Cave as State of North Carolina and Nature Conservancy scientists work to discover the mysteries of this unique ecosystem.


Azalea FestivalAzalea
We North Carolinians love our azalea plants! When spring arrives in NC, our yards are ablaze with their brilliant color. But perhaps no where in the NC are the azaleas more profuse than in Wilmington, where the citizens are so enamored with the plant that they annually throw a huge party in its' honor. The North Carolina Azalea Festival features music, charity and athletic events, the largest parade in the state, and of course, garden tours featuring the honored plant.


Airlie GardensAirlie Gardens
For over a century Airlie Gardens has amazed visitors with its' lush planting of flowers. The gardens showcase, among many different plant species, azaleas and camellias, which were the favorite flower of the gardens' original owner, Mrs. Sarah Jones. Many of the camellias Mrs. Jones had planted 100 years ago are still blooming today. Join Our State as we soak in all the beauty offered by these gardens by the sea.


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