Our State- Episode 404

Episode 404

Chimney Rock ParkChimney Rock

Over a hundred years ago, Dr. Lucius Morse came to Hickory Nut Gorge and was so inspired by the area, it spawned a vision to make the entire area more accessible to the public. With the help of the Morse family, an extraordinary transformation has occurred from his first glimpse of the wondrous Rock to today…an access road up the mountain, an elevator inside the mountain and even changing the view from the mountain with the creation of Lake Lure! Come visit our newest State Park and see why it’s truly a spectacular attraction.

For the BirdsFor the Birds
Where can you go to see 160 species of ducks, geese and swans – the largest waterfowl collection in the world on view to the public?  At the Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Center and Park nestled in Scotland Neck.  The Center is the main waterfowl breeding center for all zoos and parks in the nation, but their breeding programs also aim towards saving endangered species. Explore this fascinating avian assortment and meet the dedicated aviculturalists working to ensure their future.

Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure
The USS North Carolina was among a class of battleships bearing the greatest seaborne weaponry of its time. Participating in every major naval offensive in the Pacific Theatre during WWII, the ship earned fifteen battle stars. As home to 2,339 sailors, daily life on this awesome vessel functioned like a very compact town - the artifacts of which are being collected and interpreted even today…below deck!  Come aboard to discover the treasure hunt taking place on the Battleship North Carolina Memorial.


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Chimney Rock Park

Chimney Rock

For the Birds

Sylvan Heights Waterfowl

Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park

Hidden Treasure

Battleship North Carolina