Episode 504- Our State

Episode 504

One thousand miles of footpaths, roads and bike trails combine to stretch the Mountains to Sea Trail from Clingman’s Dome in the Smoky Mountains to Jockey’s Ridge on the coast. In 1973, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the North Carolina Trails System Act spurring the inception of the trail. In 2000, the State Legislature designated it as a State Park. We’ll meet the inspiring founder of the Friends Of the Mountains to Sea Trail, Allen de Hart, and see how the organization’s dedicated volunteers are fulfilling the mission of building a statewide footpath.

For more information visit the Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail website.

Wild FriendsOwl Friend
Our area wildlife is benefiting from two organizations working to protect them. Through public education programs, the Piedmont Wildlife Center strives to support native wildlife with an emphasis on conserving their habitat in North Carolina.  Injured, sick or orphaned animals are treated at the Triangle Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic with the aim of releasing them where they were found in the wild. Come meet the staff and volunteers of these two dedicated groups.

For more information visit the Piedmont Wildlife Center and the Triangle Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic websites.

Wonders in WoodJohn Sipe
John Sipe made his first violin in 1960.  More than four decades later, this talented luthier is still crafting instruments whose sound will likely resonate as beautifully 300 years from now as it did the first time it was played. From workshop to stage, he sheds light on the interplay of Physics, wood, varnish, tone and time to show how these delicate yet strong instruments come into being. Join us to behold the stunning
craftsmanship of this inspired artisan.

For more information visit the John Sipe website.

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