Episode 104- Our State

Episode 104

Bland SimpsonBland Simpson
Chapel Hill author, musician, songwriter, historian, and storyteller extraordinaire takes us on a whopper of a ride when he tells us of a kayaker who loses his boat, and all of his possessions in it, somewhere along the Intercoastal Waterway. Along the way, you come to understand that what's not fable in this story is the great lengths that folks from Down East will go to to help a traveler in their midst.

The TannenburgTannenburg
Early in the 19th century, music could be heard in the Winston Salem community of Old Salem emanating from a brand new pipe organ, named The Tannenburg Organ, for its maker, American David Tannenburg. But decades later, when it fell into disuse, the Tannenburg was disassembled and stored in an attic. Eighty-eight years later, the pieces were discovered by accident and the Moravian Music Foundation, together with the Museum of Southern Decorative Arts, began discussing how to bring the Tannenburg back to its former glory. An organ restoration company was located and an entire auditorium was built in Old Salem to showcase the restored Tannenburg. Today, the wonderful sounds of the Tannenburg Organ once again fill the air in Old Salem.

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Bland Simpson
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For more information about kayaking in North Carolina, visit www.kayakonline.com/north_carolina.html .

The Tannenburg
The Tannenburg organ is located in the Old Salem Visitor Center. For more information, call (336) 721-7350, or visit www.oldsalem.org .