Episode 306- Our State

Episode 306

The Whalehead ClubWhalehead
In 1922, Edward Collings Knight, Jr. and his bride Marie Louise LeBel spent their winter constructing a 21,000 sq.ft. private residence. Its location on Currituck Sound and the Atlantic Flyway provided the perfect waterfowl hunting grounds.  Today, this newly restored structure is part of Currituck Heritage Park. Join us to explore one of the United States’ most opulent examples of Art Nouveau Design.

Crowders MountainCrowder's Rock
Crowder’s Mountain lies eight miles from South Carolina in Gaston County. This 500 million year-old quartzite outcrop is part of the Kings Mountain Belt.  Its rich mineral deposits were nearly mined out of existence, but thanks to devoted neighbors, Crowder’s Mountain and other Belt’s peaks were established as a state park in 1973. Dozens of species of birds, reptiles, mammals and rare plants make their home here. Come discover this ecological gem.

Grace in Granite Granite Polish
When Robert Gilmer found the “big white rock” on his newly purchased farm in 1849, he was so angry, he insisted the seller reimburse him part of his money.  The Rock, as it’s known locally, became one of the first commercial stone businesses .The white granite excavated there has been used to construct buildings and monuments around the world.  Come discover the wonder of the world’s largest open-faced quarry.

Also on this month’s Shutterbugs segment, we’ll see the inspiring work of coastal photographer, Ray Matthews.

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The Whalehead Club

Crowder's Mountain

Grace in Granite