Episode 407- Our State

Episode 407

Oak Island LighthouseOak Island
The Oak Island Lighthouse is one of seven that line our coast.  Still among the brightest lighthouses in world, this powerful beacon can be seen 24 nautical miles out to sea. It possesses several unique features including an interior switchback ladder configuration, a motor-powered hoist to haul supplies to the top as well as coloring agents mixed in the concrete fixing the paint permanently.  We’ll meet one of the people who constructed the lighthouse, learn about the innovative techniques to build it and climb to the top to behold the view that makes clear why this attraction is so popular.

Hanging Rock State ParkHanging rock
North of Winston-Salem, the quartzite outcroppings, waterfalls and winding trails of Hanging Rock State Park draw visitors from all over the state. Originally envisioned as a resort area during the 1920s, the park fell victim to the Depression and was eventually sold to the state for State Park designation.  Some of the highest peaks in the Sauratown Mountains can be found here including  Moore’s Knob, the tallest point in Stokes County, where you can enjoy the 360° view from the observation tower.  Join us to explore this natural treasure.

Heavy MetalHeavy Metal
Stephen Zawistowski stayed in his front yard with his first welder until he taught himself to weld.  Drawing inspiration from nature, his beautiful wrought steel sculptures have been coming forth ever since. We’ll meet this innovative Jacksonville artist who works in law enforcement by day,and find out how his creative work has changed his life.


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Oak Island Lighthouse
Oak Island Lighthouse

Hanging Rock State Park
Hanging Rock State Park

Heavy Metal