The Outlaw Lewis Redmond

The Outlaw Lewis Redmond: The true story of an American Robin Hood!

The Outlaw Lewis RedmondMajor Lewis Redmond, the character of history and folklore that inspired the play The Prince of Dark Corners, was the most famous outlaw of his day, outshining contemporaries Jesse James and Billy-the-Kid.

This documentary, produced and director by local filmmaker Neal Hutcheson, provides an unforgettable account of Redmond's life and times, with folklorists, storytellers, historians and descendents recovering the memory of this forgotten renegade, triangulating the real Lewis Redmond between the distortions of hero worship, tabloid fascination, and the savage depictions of the man in Northern newspapers.

The Outlaw Lewis RedmondBorn to a poor farming family in the rugged mountains of Southern Appalachia, Lewis Redmond managed a Lewis Redmondbootleg network that ranged through three states, fought and eluded the lawmen sent to capture him, and helped poor mountain people pay their taxes and save their family land.

The true story of this 'American Robin Hood' grants a privileged view into a turbulent, formative era of American history.

The Outlaw Lewis Redmond is presented by UNC-TV and is a production of Sucker Punch Pictures.