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Current Water Issues in North Carolina

Current Water Issues in North Carolina
Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015 at 8PM on a computer near you!

Drinking WaterContamination, drinking water allocation, waste water treatment, drought — what are the local water issues currently affecting us or that could impact us in the near future? Join UNC-TV host Kelley McHenry and panelists Ecotoxicologist Susanne Brander and OWASA Manager John Kiviniemi for an engaging conversation about water in North Carolina. We'll be screening three locally-produced short videos followed by an exploration of the unique water quality and quantity topics in each one. During this highly interactive LIVE online screening and chat, you will interact with other viewers, experts, and our special panelists, where you can ask questions and share information in real time so we can all better understand current water issues in North Carolina.

To join the conversation on Wednesday, Sept. 9th, simply click this link a few minutes before 8PM and you will be able to log in using your facebook account, with a free OVEE account, or anonymously to participate. From the comfort of your own home, enjoy this free, open and unique opportunity to listen, learn and share!

As part of the OVEE, we hope that formal and informal educators as well as the community will take the opportunity to check out UNC-TV's new, engaging, interactive DRIP website designed to educate users about the hydrosphere. Four interactive modules illustrate the reliance hierarchy and how the various factors contribute to drinking water resilience. Students can follow the modules in order as an interactive quest to master key vocabulary and content of the hydrosphere education standards. Following each module, students can test their understanding with a short quiz. 

UNC-TV gratefully acknowledges the support of the Water Resources Research Institute and the North Carolina Sea Grant College Program for funding the DRIP project and this special OVEE event.

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OVEE: Live Online Screenings and Discussions!

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