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Welcome to UNC-TV Parents, dedicated to helping parents raise a child who is ready to learn. A UNC-TV Parent is a mom or a dad, a grandma or a grandpa, a friend or a caregiver -- any adult who helps a child learn and grow.

In this section, you will find advice, forms, activities, resources, TV schedules, information about family friendly community events, and more to help you do what parents do best -- be your child's best role model and teacher. If you are a parent, the resources here are specifically for YOU and the unique needs you have
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Tips for Welcoming a New Sibling to the Family
While a new sibling can bring lots of joy, it can also come with some challenges. Here are helpful tips from Angela C. Santomero, creator of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, parenting guru – and the mom of two daughters – to help your child adjust to the arrival of their new baby brother or sister.

Ten Healthy Habit Tips from Cyberchase
Check out 10 tips from Cyberchase to help you and your child develop healthy habits at home this summer.  Eating healthy meals and being active every day is essential for human health. Five new adventures from Cyberchase Season 10, the animated PBS KIDS series, inspire kids to get active with math – from encouraging them to be active and eat well, to teaching them about reducing waste and growing gardens, all while caring for the health of their community this summer. 

DESIGN SQUAD for Eager Learners
DESIGN SQUAD  is an Emmy Award-winning online community that engages kids ages 8 and older with creative STEM activities, fun videos, interactive games, and exciting contests. Kids can get excited about innovation and design early - and DESIGN SQUAD can help.  Check out the great materials that you can use at home, at school, or in the community.

Meet Read-a-roo
Read-a-roo is UNC-TV’s reading mascot! This seven-foot kangaroo helps with story time, and travels statewide to reading festivals encouraging children to read.  Roo can be seen on UNC-TV between children’s programming announcing various opportunities for children, such as the PBS KIDS Writers Contest. Read-a-roo also has her own game, has a block party, has many PBS KIDS friends, and so much more!  Check out Read-a-roo on our Facebook page.

UNC-TV Station Tour
Have you ever thought about taking a tour at your local public television station?  Well, UNC-TV offers FREE basic tours and enhanced station tours for a nominal fee. Click here to get more information about our tours!

Sesame Street to the Rescue for Reading and Writing Tips and Resources
Your child's journey towards becoming a reader and writer, starts with the words, stories, and songs heard from you each day. Sesame Street offers a fun and academically rich resource called, "Every Day is a Reading and Writing Day." Check out these resources to help you turn your daily activities into rich opportunities for talking, reading, and writing together.

PBS Parents 
PBS ParentsPBS Parents empowers parents as they prepare their children for success in school – and in life. Click here to get parenting tips on a variety of topics, recipes, games with kids, and so much more. All year long, PBS Parents are here to provide your family with fun, educational activities that explore reading, writing and language.
Visit the PBS Parents website now for back to school tips.

Explore, Explore, Explore with The Cat in the Hat Knows Alot About That!
The Cat in the Hat Click here to visit the Cat in the Hat Knows Alot About That! website to get parental activities and exploration guides for family fun and adventures in reading.  Activities include ways to help children explore maps, shapes, how things fit together, numbers and counting, weather, and so much.

Cat in the Hat knows that children never get tired of exploring or having fun!  So, summer is a great time to read books together! Enrich your child’s understanding of science and the environment by reading books that are based on The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! In fact, the television show, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!, was inspired by the Dr. Seuss Learning Library book series, published by Random House Children’s Books.

UNC-TV's 2017 PBS KIDS Writers Contest!
Parents and caregivers, if you have a child who is a kindergartener through third-grader, then you don't want to miss the 2017 PBS KIDS Writers Contest. UNC-TV's local contest will be held from January 13 - March 31, 2017.   Click here to get the contest entry forms, guidelines, and date to submit your child's story to UNC-TV.  Also learn about the 2016 winners, the animated stories from previous years, and so much more.  Now is a good time for your child to start writing and illustrating their story!  Entries must be postmarked by March 31, 2017.

Bilingual Science Family Resources with PEEP and The Big Wide World
Peep and the Big Wide World Peep and the Big Wide World is a terrific bilingual program and website that has a variety of resources such as books, simple activities and video that encourage science. Watch a short video narrated by Joan Cusack reminding you that there are opportunities in everyday life to encourage your childs' natural curiosity and help them develop science and math skills. Check out the "Anywhere Activities" section for fun easy-to-do ideas, such as going on a neighborhood safari.

Non-Public Schooling
Various tidbits of information for parents whose children are in a non-public school setting.

Parenting Counts
Parenting Counts is the research-based family of products developed by Talaris Institute to support parents and caregivers in raising socially and emotionally healthy children.

Have a Blast With Math Using PBS KIDS Nature Cat
Nature Cat is aimed at 3 to 8 year-olds and devised to reconnect children with the natural world; making engaging, age-appropriate nature education a sustaining and enriching part of their daily lives. Check out the cool activities, episodes, and more!