Pressroom: North Carolina Weekend

Contact: Rebekah Radisch, Publicist: 919-549-7177, 919-549-7179 FAX,
What’s North Carolina’s most exciting travel destination? UNC-TV's North Carolina Weekend! Join host Deborah Holt for this unique weekly series that brings the best of uptown and down-home right to your living room. From the quirky to the conventional, from the mountains to the coast, North Carolina Weekend profiles the latest North Carolina happenings to help you make the most of your weekend. Every episode of the magazine-style series explores historical sites, events, music, movies, the arts, sports, food and other leisure activities around the state. Whether you’re an intrepid adventurer or an armchair explorer, with 100 counties full of unique people, places and events, you’ll always find something interesting when planning your days off with North Carolina Weekend.

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