Annual Report

Producers Circle Members

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The Producers Circle is a group of philanthropic individuals, families, and foundations that give $1,000 or more annually in support of UNC-TV. Members receive invitations to special events including receptions for local and national public television celebrities, advance information about new programs, and private tours of UNC-TV facilities.

Chairman ($25,000 and above)
Ashley and Julianne Thrift
* 1 donor wishes to remain anonymous

Executive Producer ($10,000 to $24,999)
Mr. and Mrs. William Bauman
Frederic and Jane Dalldorf
The Farrington Foundation
James and Mary Hagen
* 2 donors wish to remain anonymous

Director ($5,000 to $9,999)
The Marvin L. Baker Family
Foundation, Inc.
Joseph M. Bryan, Jr.
Hugh and Nan Cullman
David Ferriero and Gail Zimmermann
Julia Taylor Morton
Lois Pounds Oliver
Ms. Jessica E. Stewart
Robert D. and Susan Teer
Charles M. Weiss
Gary and Charlotte York
* 2 donors wish to remain anonymous

Associate Director ($2,500-$4,999)
Zack and Blanche Bacon
Ruth Barrett
Walter E. and Gwendolyn E. Cleary
Munroe and Becky Cobey
Mr. Keith V. Collins
Alexander R. Cougarman
Charles Craig Jr.
Charles A. and Gwendolyn P. Davis
Emilie de Luca
Betty Jane Faison
Olivia and George Fleming
Julia and Don Golding
Joy and Robert Herrington
Scott Steele Hills
Don and Earline Hodge
Jeanette and Wallace Hyde
Shailendra Jain
Edward and Kathy Keil
Nolan D. Lovins
John G. Matchulat
William O. and Sara McCoy
Nicholas and Marilyn Novosel
Mr. Larry W. Pegram
Scott and Lisa Ralls
Jim Ray
Carolyn Townsen Rose
Beth S. Rosenberg
Gareth Scheerder
Dolores Nichols Smith
Sally Clinton Spatz
Ray and Elaine Teague
Eugene and Barbara Weisberger
Henry B. Williamson III
Robert F. Winsor
Kenneth Winter
Youths Friends Association, Inc.
* 3 donors wish to remain anonymous

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John and Barbara Ahearne
Kelly Turnipseed Alcock
Rosemary Anderson-Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Hedwig Andres
Mary Graham Andrews
Glenn and Carol Arthur
David and Brenda Artiss
Dr. and Mrs. Eliot A. Atstupenas
Dr. Wayne P. Attkisson

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Donald and Ashley Barnes
Mrs. Mary L. Beach
Betty J. Becker
Sarah W. Benbow
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bennett
Brian Keith Bergey
Mrs. Dorothy Bevan
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bigelow
Bruce and Anna Biggs
Mark Bisgeier
Laura and Warren Bingham
Elwood and Margie Black
Dr. Richard L. Blanton
and Dr. Candace H. Haigler
Mrs. Joanne Bluethenthal
M. Robert Blum
James and Elsie Boyce
Ms. Doris A. Bradley
John R. and Katherine Bratton
Kayla Briggs
Martha Brinson
Robert and Molly Broad
Stephen and Shannon Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Trig Brown
Gregory B. Brown III
Mrs. Carl B. Brown Jr.
Mrs. Dorothy J. Brundage
Jim Buck
Alice C. Buhl
Jane M. Bullock
Mr. and Mrs. John Burress

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Daniel D. and Elizabeth H.
Cameron Foundation
Edna Mary Campbell
Mr. Stephen A. Capps
The Carlson Family
James Michael Carpenter
Mike and Julia Carpenter
Paul and Bessie Carrington
James Ronald Chavis
Mrs. Morag J. Cheesman
Ms. Eloise E. Clark
Mr. William L. Clark
Mr. T. H. Clarke, Jr.
Edwin and Victoria Clement
Joan Cohen
Mr. Daniel W. Cole
Herman and Barbara Cone
Patrick Conley
Langdon Cooper and Karen Kelly
Ms. Jeanie S. Cottingham
Ms. Deborah A. Crowder
Thomas Crumbaugh

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Mrs. Dorothy Dailey
Dan R. Dalton
Ms. Emily Monk Davidson
Jeffrey R. Davies
Bettye Crouch Davis
Carl and Martha Davis
Mahlon and Edith Deloatch
Birgitta T. Dill
Ms. Eileen Doherty
John Donlan
Ms. Lois C. Drum

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Lucia Eckroth
Tom D. Efird
John and Cynthia Eller
Eric Ellwood and Mary Kilburn
Joseph and Katherine Ely
Bruce Allen Embry
Mr. and Mrs. Les Ewen

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Nora Featherston
Charles Felts
John and Patsy Ferebee
John and Balinda Ferree
Dr. Sandi L. Fields
Thomas H. Finch Jr.
Linda S. Fineman
Marilyn J. Flannigan
Alexander and Janet Floyd
James G. Floyd Jr.
Larry and Marilyn Fogdall
Mr. Walter E. Fowler
Ms. Denise Fox
Caroline Francis and Bryan Sodemann
Sabrina Francis and Scott Marsh
Mary H. Friday
William and Ida Friday

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Roger Gant III
Betty Garis
Rhoda Garrett
Mr. Arnold Gerall
Michael and Kathleen Glancy
Wilford Andrew Glass
Mrs. Eugenia Goff
Julia B. Gooch
Jim and Barbara Goodmon
Jim Goodnight
Lisa Marie Ruiz-Goubert
Carolyn Graham
William T. Graves
Lewis and Olive Greenwald
Frieda G. Gronberg
Hal Gross
David and Shelia Groves
Robert and Pickett Guthrie

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Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Haddock
Patricia H. Hair
Mr. Charles E. Hammond
Mrs. Gordon Hanes
Hans Kent Hansen
Wade and Sandy Hargrove
Robert Harkrader III
Merel and Ernestine Harmel
Tom and Freida Harrington
B. W. and Carol Harris III
Bruce Hastings
William J. Haverland
Lawrence Hayes
Bill and Whitney Heard
Peter W. and Amy I. Henkel
John Henley
Tommy Herndon
Mrs. Harriet T. Herring
William H. Hervey
Linwood and Carolyn M. Hicks
Robert and Wendy Hicks
Sara Hill
Thomas Steele Hills
R. H. Hillsgrove
John and Hannah Hindmarsh
Mrs. Linda Hodges
Mr. William P. Holbrook
Faustina L. Holman
and Patricia H. Emery
Michael and Anne Honer
Marjorie W. Hood
James Hootman
David B. Horne
Mrs. Katherine C. House
Tom and Lindi Howe
John and Gladys Howell
Julia A. Hoyle
Mr. Calvin Hunkele
Husking Foundation

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Mr. Joseph T. Inglefield III
Mr. Robert L. Inman
Naeda Brasic Irick

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Anne Jackman
Roger Jacoby
Roxanne Jewell
Robin Jewett
Sean A. Johnson
John and Sharon Jones

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Margo Kaiser
Linda Kalinak
Dr. Myungsa Kang
Stephanie Kapp
Ms. Carole Keeler
Mr. Thomas Kenan, III
Betty P. Kenan
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus King
Geoffrey N. Kirby
Phil and Margaret Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. George Kolasa
Mike and Kaye Kopliln

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Mr. Leroy Lail
Aloudia Aquino-Lasam
Charlie and Martha Lewis
Deborah Lewis
Cornelia E. Libisch
Ms. Diane Linfors
W. E. and Ann Love
Mr. Robert Lovett
Micheál and Kathy Lynch

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Dr. Cynthia Madden
Mr. Erwin Maddrey
Martha Mader
George C. Marsh
Stan and Barbara Martinkosky
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mattocks
James and Connie Maynard
Martha McBane
Betty R. McCain
Mr. and Mrs. Kenton McCartney
Patrick McEnhill
Kate Elaine McGettrick
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. McGinn
Ross and Margaret McKinney
Dr. Melissa McLeod
Marion L. McMorris
Bob and Bonnie Meeker
E. T. Meldram
Robert and Cama Merritt
Horst and Ruth Meyer
Dr. and Mrs. Assad Meymandi
Edwin and Eileen Miller
Wayne Monk
Arline Morrison
Gabriella Morrow
Catherine W. Morton
Geary and Carolyn Morton
Rebecca Mulligan

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Eric and Cynthia Neijstrom
John B. Noll
Miguel and Charlotte Nunez-Wolff

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Wanda F. Oakley
Marion O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Connell
James L. Oliver
Ms. Mary R. Overby
Ben and LoriAnn Owen

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Walter and Elizabeth Pancoe
Dr. James S. Parsons
Josephine W. Patton
James and Florence Peacock
Mack B. Pearsall
Jimmy Persone
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Pierce
Kathy and Glenn Pierce
Thomas Patrick Pike
Marion and Janice Poole
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Poole
Alan W. and Sandra R. Pratt
William and Harriet Proctor
Mrs. Linda A. Prokuski
David R. Pugh
Liana Puscas

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Robert and Elizabeth Quattlebaum
Karl and Shirley Quisenberry

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Cecil Rand Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rankin
Mr. James Rapp
John Shelton Rawlings
David and Beth Reboussin
Ms. Joan E. Reid
and Mr. Monty Montgomery
Mrs. Jacqueline Renzi
John and Maria Rich
Wyndham Robertson
Waldron and Joyce Rogers
The Rolander Family Foundation
Janet Rommel
Larry and Cynthia Rose
James Ross
Joseph and Frieda Ross
Foundation, Inc.
Tom and Susan Ross
Dr. Martha G. Rowlett
Pete and Pat Rowlett
Ms. Elizabeth M. Ruffin
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ryan
Scott Ryan

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Charles and Ann Sanders
Eleanore Sanford
Joe and Dorothy Schmelzeis
George Sewell
Vishal Dipak Shah
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Shereff
Frank and Nancy Sherrill
Richard W. and Ann Shirk
Mr. Samuel H. Shouse
Shuford Foundation
William and Talmadge Silversides
Rob and Angela Simmons
Brooks Skinner and Les Harmon
Temple and Carolyn Sloan
Eve and Sherwood Smith
Ms. Belinda E. Smith
Lynn Smith-Lovin
Bonnie Kathleen Smyre
Carolyn Black Southall
Ms. Mary L. Spain
Harold Speaks Sr.
Mr. David M. Sperling
Ms. Lorena M. Srickland-Williford
Scott Lee Stamper
Fred and Alice Stanback
Mr. and Mrs. Bucky Stein
Betsy B. Strandberg
Donna Stringfield
James and Catherine Stuart
Mr. Walter B. Stults

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Charles and Lamar Taft
Judith Tarlton
Russell and Anthea Tate
Eric and Amy Teal
Ms. Amie L. Tedeschi
Robert and Robin Tiek
James Terry
Russell and Sheri Ann Thomas
Dr. Colin G. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Thompson
Michael and Amy Tiemann
Lyndo and Lou Tippett
Mr. James Tucker
Leonard and Joyce B. Tufts

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Carl M. Van Buskirk
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Van Clay
Ted and Terry Van Duyn
Dory Van Duzer
Mr. Andrew B. Varner
Carl and Linda Venters
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vepraskas
Shannon Vickery and Jeff Agricola
Sharon Berry-Vivian
Gregory and Sandra Vlahos

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Thomas and Mary Wagner
William and Mildred Wald
Samuel Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Ebern Watson
Mr. David F. Weigel
Irwin and Ellen Welber
Dr. B. Craig Weldon
Dr. and Mrs. Emile E. Werk, Jr.
Anna R. Wetherill
Shawgo Wheeler
Mr. Gerald B. White
Garnett B. Whitehurst
James G. Whitton
Mark and Donna Wightman
Kent Wilcox
William W. Wilson
Nevim Wingfield
Chancellor and Mrs.
William R. Woodson
Jacquelyn Y. Woodward
Elizabeth L. Wright
Rachel Jean Wright
Ms. D. B. Wyatt

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Mr. Joseph Yaeger

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* 22 donors wish to remain anonymous