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06/02/2014 - 9:00am - 9:59am
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Historically accurate re-creations showcase the second major battle of the Civil War in Missouri.
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In the early morning hours of August 10, 1861, the rolling hillsides of southwest Missouri echoed with the sounds of fierce combat. When the smoke cleared, almost 2,500 men were killed, wounded or missing. Among the dead were Missourians, Kansans, Iowans, Louisianans, Texans, Arkansans, German and Irish immigrants, and a Union general, the first to be killed in the Civil War. The Battle of Wilson's Creek, the second major battle of the Civil War, and the first west of the Mississippi River, marked the beginning of four years of invading armies and ruthless guerilla warfare in Missouri, from St. Louis to modern day Kansas City. Told through the experiences of individuals, both civilian and soldier, this story reveals a volatile mix of social and political differences - and a deeply divided population. Using historically accurate re-creations captured in dazzling HD, as well as meticulously detailed maps and newly re-discovered archival photographs, this film, three years in the making, presents an unprecedented depiction of the clash between North and South in a battle that helped determine the fate of Missouri.