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09/28/2013 - 9:00pm - 9:29pm
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Papa tries to build a chair while he has hiccups. The cubs visit with people in a retirement home.
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THE HICCUP CURE: Papa Bear accepts the prestigious job of making a one-of-a-kind chair for the Squire, but then learns the order must be filled by the next day for Mrs. Squire's birthday. Racing against time, Papa breaks from work only to eat, gobbling down his food as fast as he can. Unfortunately, a recurring case of the hiccups hinders Papa from meeting his deadline. Consulting Dr. Bear, Papa learns his problem is caused from eating too quickly. With his hiccups under control, Papa is able to complete the Squire's chair with a steady hand and a healthier digestive system. THINK OF THOSE IN NEED: When Brother and Sister have to clean their room, they find they have more things than places to store it all. They decide to donate their extra games, puzzles and books to the Home For Retired Bears. Later, Brother discovers that he has given away a book he wanted to keep. In the process of searching the Retirement Home for his accidental donation, he and Sister visit with some of the elderly residents and learn how rewarding it is to share their time with others.