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02/04/2015 - 2:00pm - 2:29pm
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Roley falls asleep and rolls out of the yard towards town. Can the crew ever get Bob off the roof?
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Sleep. But the next morning, Roley - still fast asleep - begins to roll out of the yard! The team discovers that Roley is missing, and Bird arrives to warn them that he is "sleep-rolling" towards town. Will Bob, Wendy and the crew find him and guide him home before Roley flattens Bobsville? While Bob is fixing the roof he is left 'stranded' when a naughty Spud takes Bob's ladder to go look for apples. When Bob realizes the ladder has gone he tries to get the team's attention but as usual, everyone is busy. And just when Muck returns and it seems that Bob will be saved, the ladder breaks! Can the crew ever get Bob off the roof?