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02/13/2015 - 2:00pm - 2:29pm
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Spud thinks decides to be a builder instead of a scarecrow. The team helps a family of hedgehogs.
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Spud decides being a scarecrow is too much hard work - he wants a diff erent job. Finding Bob's toolbox lying in the road, he is inspired to become a builder. He persuades Lofty to be his assistant and they head off to fix the barn roof. Will a gust of wind knock some sense into S pud and convince him that he's much better off being a scarecrow than a builder? Bob and crew are working on the road near Farmer Pickles' f ield. Just as Roley is about to flatten some loose chippings, Bob spot s some unexpected traffic on the road - a family of hedgehogs! Luckily Bob and Scoop manage to get Roley's attention before disaster strikes . Bob and the team decide that the hedgehogs need an underground way t o cross the road. Can they find a way to keep the hedgehogs safe?